BlazeDVD upgrades to full-featured media player for watching DVDs, HD Videos and Audios on PC

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BlazeVideo officials are proud to announce a major upgrade to its flagship media player BlazeDVD on September 26, 2013. With this media player, users can play all DVDs, most common and HD videos: mpeg, avi, mkv, mov, as well as audios.

This full-featured media player can magically bring back unmatched cinema-like movie enjoyment. It is not limited to a DVD player as its name implies; besides, the latest BlazeDVD upgrade brings many refreshing changes that cannot be missed. Apart from the lifelong free service for playing DVD discs, high-quality DVD from all over the world, some SD and 1080P HD videos as well as all kinds of audio files, BlazeVideo now endows it with the ability to play more common and special video files like: MP4 files, RMVB files, MKV files, MPEG files, AVI files, ASF files, WMV files, FLV files, MOV files supported by QuickTime, VIVO files, FLI files and RealMedia files remarkably without any picture and audio loss.
Media playback freeware can always grab people’s attention, and the initial coming of this powerful free media player from BlazeVideo aroused a strong reaction among media fans all around the world. Many enthusiastic fans have sent a lot of good advice for our software besides tons of praise, which greatly help us on how to refine our software to well meet people’s need in the future and tremendously boost users’ confidence in our brand BlazeVideo.
Our initial version pays much attention to improving its DVD playback features such as support any region-coded/CSS-encrypted DVD movies on any DVD drive, instantly unlocks most locked DVD and play protected DVD on Windows 8 OS. This decent video player could support a mass of DVDs, but it could only support some popular video formats like mp4, rmvb and mkv. The problem was that, some users want to take full advantage of this player to satisfy all of their video and audio playback needs, they want to play the TV series in AVI or MPEG format download online or clips shoot with their camera besides their DVD movies, but the old version of BlazeDVD could not meet this need. Under the goal of offering people most useful and reliable multi-media software, BlazeVideo, the leading multi-media software developer, appointed a group of first-class software engineers to develop this new version of BlazeDVD which perfectly fixes this video playback problem. Now, this powerful media player is capable of playing not only all popular video formats but also some special formats including: MPEG files, AVI files, ASF files, WMV files, FLV files, MOV files supported by QuickTime, VIVO files, FLI files and RealMedia (RM) files seamlessly.
Holding a totally free media player that carries various features of region free DVD, common or up to 1080P HD video and audio playback function at hand would undoubtedly enhance peoples’ daily home video entertainment. It is a tool that can never be missed by people who want to enjoy the first-class DVD movie and video playback without paying much fortune and time to sit in the stuffed and crowed cinema to watch movies. With BlazeDVD, users can turn their home computers into a powerful movie player and enjoy wonderful movies in soft sofa with friends and families. More at

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