The Hawkeye Trader Announces “Quest for Cash” Contest!

“Quest for Cash” is just one of many contests being offered by The Hawkeye Trader where
they offer their readers the opportunity to win cash, concert tickets, event tickets, T-shirts,
and more.

May 18, 2011:  The Hawkeye Trader is the premier free trade paper in the midwest.  The
paper is distributed in 5 states and they distribute more of their papers than any other “trader” paper in the five state area. You can find them in grocery stores, convenience stores, restaurants, gas sations and more! Their website, http:/, has been designed with the reader in mind.  It is very user friendly and is always updated with the most recent information. If the printed copies are all gone when you get can jump on the website and view the paper on-line.  You can search auctions, classifieds, whatever you are looking for is easy to find and there are always plenty of contests you can enter!  Their mascot, Hawkie Trader, offers weekly contests for his Facebook friends and Hawkeye Trader readers and he loves to give stuff away!  

The current contest, Hawkie’s Quest For Cash, encourages readers to find a hidden object in the online edition of the paper for a chance to win a $100 cash prize!  Readers can enter on-line at  You just find the item in the word TRADER on the front page of the paper then open the on-line edition and try to find it!  It’s that simple.  When you find the object, just click on the “submit your guess” bar at the top of the page and enter your information and the page number where the item was located.  It’s super easy and anyone can enter!  

“I love to give away money and prizes!” squawked Hawkie, the Hawkeye Trader’s spokesperson.  “The more money we can give away, the happier it makes me!  We have given away cash, T-shirts, concert tickets, raceway tickets, T-shirts and much more: thousands of items since 2006 and we just keep giving it away!”  

For more information and to play for a chance to win some easy money visit

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