THE RELEASE ON 180G VINYL OF THE CLASSIC ALBUM 'SOLID AIR' BY JOHN MARTYN BY SIMPLY VINYL ( An opportunity to own a piece of art In 2011 the very first release was the classic John Martyn album from 1973 'Solid Air'  (SVLP501). Great care was taken, using the latest remastered audio, to create a beautiful reissue of the original release in its gatefold sleeve.  Hi-Fi Choice magazine has chosen this release as its ‘Hot Pick’and awarded a FIVE STAR REVIEW: “....It sounds fabulous......The vinyl lets you hear the quality of playing from the whole ensemble and revels in the tone of Martyn’s velvet voice placed deep in centre stage......Totally essential.” 'Solid Air' is considered to be one of the clearest defining moments in British Folk music, whilst Martyn trancends folk, incorporating elements of jazz, blues and rock. The title track was written for John Martyn's close friend Nick Drake, and became a eulogy when Drake died 18 months after the release, and other classic tracks  include 'Over The Hill' and 'May You Never'.
The Simply Vinyl brand has been restored and revitalised in 2010 and as well as rebuilding the online retail of vinyl at has put in motion a programme of reissues of classic albums on 180Vinyl.  Simply Vinyl: Direct link: Facebook: Twitter:!/simplyvinyl  Notes Quote from a Simply Vinyl customer:                                       ''Owning a Simply Vinyl beautifully packaged limited pressing is simply an opportunity to own a piece of art.''  Quote from official website:                                                ''Meticulous attention to detail has delivered the highest quality re-mastered analogue sound on supreme quality 180 gram vinyl and all beautifully packaged with the original gatefold sleeve. Simply Vinyl set themselves a very high standard and it certainly shows here in what is a superb quality release in terms of both sound and packaging.'' customer reviews:  Like John's whispering in your ear Review by Jimbo Thank you, thank you, thank you SV, for caring so much. Solid Air is one of my all time favourite records. I have it on original vinyl, CD and MP3. None of them come even close to the sound of this pressing. It's crisp, clear, warm and deep. You can hear every rumble of John's growling voice - it's like having him whisper in your ear. Truly remarkable. (Posted on 25/03/2011)  Solid all-round performance Review by moog_man An impeccable pressing of this fine album - reassuringly, a genuine audiophile product; one that justifies its price tag. Every aspect of this album has been thought-through and meets critical expectations (mine, that is). From the quality printed gatefold cover with extra thick spine, the 70s reproduction Island Records label, a perfectly flat 180gm vinyl cut and clean black surface. All protectively housed in a thick clear envelope with an embossed Simply Vinyl logo. Literally, the company's only obvious "branding" - and to be acknowledged for that reason, ie. remaining in the background. Solid Air was the album I used to audition my first hi-fi purchase, 35 years ago. A replacement copy has been a long time coming. And this one's well worth the wait. (Posted on 09/02/2011)

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