Collection of Letters from Burmese Refugees Captures Hardships of Refugee Camps Along Thai-Burma Border

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While spending a year in refugee camps along the Thai-Burmese border, T. F. Rhoden collected survivors' stories through letters and shares them in the compilation "Burmese Refugees: Letters from the Thai-Burma Border"

Bangkok, Thailand, September 02, 2011 -- T. F. Rhoden had an eye-opening experience during his year in the refugee camps dotting the Thai-Burmese border. In his book "Burmese Refugees: Letters from the Thai-Burma Border" (ISBN 0615471072), he attempts to create awareness of the mistreatment of Burmese refugees along this border in Southeast Asia.

Book Signing Event for the Already Popular Short Story Anthology “Contra viento y marea”

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Esteemed author Miriam de la Torre Ordetx will be available to sign books at the Libreria Universal on September 24, 2011.

Miami, FL, September 06, 2011 -- Book Signing and open dialogue with the author, Miriam de la Torre Ordetx, to take place at the bookstore Libreria Universal, located at 3090 S.W. 8th Street, Miami Florida on Saturday, September 24, from 1pm-2pm.

Miriam de la Torre will be present to autograph copies of the book, answer questions and read a few excerpts from the stories. This is a great opportunity to get to know one of the best up-and-coming new authors of the decade.

Blues Musician Horror Author Thomas Malafarina's Short Story Collection "Gallery Of Horror" Published By Sunbury Press

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Blues musician Thomas Malafarina is a man of many talents. When not writing songs and creating music, he gives rein to a darker side. Malafarina is also a horror author.

Camp Hill, PA, August 29, 2011 -- Sunbury Press has released Thomas M. Malafarina's latest book "Gallery of Horror", a short story collection based on the dark art of Keyser, West Virginia's Nunzio Barbera.

About the Book:

Vanguard Publishing Announces New Wally Wood book, Strange Worlds of Science Fiction

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Vanguard Publishing announces the new book, Strange Worlds of Science Fiction — The Science Fiction Comics of Wally Wood

New York, NY, August 26, 2011 -- Tales from the Crypt and Weird Science publisher Bill Gaines called Daredevil, THUNDER Agents, and Mars Attacks co-creator, Wally Wood "the greatest Science Fiction artist of all time." Vanguard Publishing announces the new Wally Wood collection, Strange Worlds, which collects an unprecedented wealth of rare 1950s sci-fi comics by Wood including material from original titles, Strange Worlds, Space Detective, Capt. Science, Space Ace, and more.

A Woman Denied... The Early Years By Rebone Makgato Now Available On

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This is the story of Raymond, a mixed gender baby who was raised as a boy. Throughout school and teenage life, Raymond went through every imaginable heartbreak as the unmistakable signs of womanhood began to emerge... and struggled alone to survive.

A Woman Denied... The Early Years ( is a life account of one beautiful woman named Raymond. Raymond was born in Pretoria. She spent a few years of her childhood in Soweto, Johannesburg. Her father, who was a stubborn traditionalist, had always wanted a boy. With two little girls in the house, he had reason to yearn for a little boy. When Raymond came, all wishes and hopes, and the pride and joy were shattered as the baby came with mixed gender. Neither could the baby be a boy or a girl...

Top 10 Best Hospitals and What Makes Them Great

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The best overall "salesperson" for Howard County General Hospital around my experience was the health care worker named Ellen in ICU. Now, several of you may discount your assertion by replying, "Sure, within ICU, the nursing that will patient ratio is 1: 2 or maybe even 1: 1,... not tru

Finally, main points I to make in the nurse who came in through fifth day of this stay and asked me what I was at for. I thought so that you can myself, "Perhaps you may choose to glance at the paperwork along at the station before coming into see me? "But let's end at a positive. Let me settle for that nurse, Ellen, inside ICU. I don't know the woman's last name (maybe his or her's marketing dept will allow me to know). You could tell because of first introduction that Ellen experienced her job and was aware of the noble service the woman profession provides.

Comprehending The Difference Concerning a Firescreen in addition to a Fireplace Screen Might be

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When purchasing just the right fireplace screen or possibly firescreen to accent a place or fireplace, its imperative to understand the difference regarding the two. It could protect a life or even fireplace screen. In accordance with Meyda Tiffany's website, the difference somewhere betwe

When purchasing the most appropriate fireplace screen and firescreen to accent a living room or fireplace, it's always imperative to know the difference between your two. It could protect a life maybe a fireplace screen. Consistent with Meyda Tiffany's internet site, the difference around a fireplace screen in addition to a firescreen is which a fireplace screen was compiled to enhance your fireplace whether it is not in use along with a firescreen was compiled to enhance your fireplace when it has a burning fireplace. Know the impact.

"Got Mouth?" Lee Paul's Self-Help Book is Sub-Titled "Success at the Tip of Your Tongue" But "Bitch, Pitch and Get Rich" is All About Finding Your Voice and Using it to Succeed

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Lee Paul's "Bitch, Pitch and Get Rich" is the latest self-help book that some are calling "refreshing" and "a friendly approach at attaining success."

Lee Paul's "Bitch, Pitch and Get Rich" is the latest self-help book that some are calling "refreshing" and "a friendly approach at attaining success." It is his personal perspective on individual growth and learning to live life to the full.

Recession Novel Rocket Man Calls Gen X The Shortsale Generation

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Recession Novel Rocket Man describes the plight of one Dale Hammer, 46, trapped with too much debt, too much house, too many kids and no way out Shortsale.

St. Charles, IL, August 09, 2011 -- Chicago 08/08/22 Shortsaling has become synonymous with walking away from your home. In William Hazelgrove's Rocket Man just released by Sterling and Ross, the main character sees only one way out but he cannot bring himself to do it. What Dale Hammer, 46, finds is that all signs point to dumping his house but first he must be the Rocket Man for his son's Scout Troop, navigate a wayward father who has come to live with him and a troubled marriage. It is the disasters of Hammers life that brings the most humor but also shows what really matters.

Ipad Case,Iphone Case,Electronic Gadgets,Fair Pirce Mall-Free Shipping All Over World, TheGerar

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<p>ipad cases with stand Another two had a few days here, when they go and see Xiaofan leisure "Double Dutch", and Baguio is often called her on the cliff facing the "infatuation curse" words stared trance.<br><p>ipad stand and case Since the Pacific, humans saw the world around them, all

ipad cases with stand Another two had a few days here, when they go and see Xiaofan leisure "Double Dutch", and Baguio is often called her on the cliff facing the "infatuation curse" words stared trance.ipad stand and case Since the Pacific, humans saw the world around them, all sorts of strange ttop iphone 4 caseshings, lightning, storm, there are natural disasters, numerous casualties, devastated, as a human can not, can resist. Then that over nine days, there are all sorts of gods, under the jiu is also soul depart, hell hall.ipad stand case

Movie Addict Confesses to Going Digital

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Film Stars! Dancing! Popcorn! At last, a life story with everything but the movie stuff edited out.

Pueblo, CO, August 02, 2011 -- Film Stars! Dancing! Popcorn! At last, a life story with everything but the movie stuff edited out. To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the publication of CONFESSIONS OF A MOVIE ADDICT by film critic Betty Jo Tucker, Wheatmark is releasing this amusing memoir as an ebook available through Amazon’s Kindle store. The launch for this Kindle edition kicks off August 2 on “Movie Addict Headquarters,” a BlogTalkRadio show.

First Edition Design eBook Publishing Launches UK Division

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ePublisher now doing business in 17 currencies.

Sarasota, FL, Friday - July 22, 2011 -- eBook Publisher and Master Distributor First Edition Design eBook Publishing opened their UK division this week. With the addition of on-line address and capabilities to now exchange seventeen different currency rates, the company continues its international expansion.

Everlasting Monday, an eBook by Karsten Harder, Goes Global

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Debut Sci-Fi Novella available at over 1,500 online sources.

Copenhagen, Denmark, Monday - 18 July, 2011 -- Everlasting Monday…Part One, the Crown and the Devil is the first book of an eventual series of sci-fi works from dynamic new author Karsten Harder.

MyFamily! Announces the First in a New Line Geared Toward Children with Same-Gender Parents

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Sicklerville, NJ— When Keesha ventures out with her two moms to meet up with her best friend, Trevor, and his two dads, she introduces young readers-to-be to the of kind summer fun that families like hers enjoy all the time.

Sicklerville, NJ— When Keesha ventures out with her two moms to meet up with her best friend, Trevor, and his two dads, she introduces young readers-to-be to the of kind summer fun that families like hers enjoy all the time.

Keesha & Her Two Moms Go Swimming is a good-natured story that promotes the normalcy of every-day life in LGBT families. It explores universal messages about the importance of sharing, being nice to others and how everyone can get along despite our differences.

Sciatica Therapies: A Guideline to Non-Surgical Relief

This would in turn carry relief from the pain result in by compression. There are lots of selections for alternate cancer therapy. All are made to reduce or guide manage cancer and offer for the properly being of the individual. Cancer impacts the physique and can result in panic, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, persistent discomfort, sleep challenges, and worry. The subsequent is a guidebook recommending alternative cancer treatment options for aiding you cope with your cancer on the other hand these choice treatments will not remedy cancer.

How Microsoft Office Instruction Improves Productivity

Most folks currently have a simple knowing of Microsoft apps, but really number of make use of these systems to their greatest level of performance and usefulness. Staff who have acquired a mastery of the Office suite by way of best stage training can operate drastically more quickly and with fewer problems than those with only fundamental expertise learned by way of trial and error. Introducing Microsoft Workplace teaching to workforce is a single of the most powerful techniques for any computer system centered firm to considerably increase productivity.

June 2011 - Thrillers and Suspense - Unpublished Fiction Authors Print Ready Competition

Creative Print Publishing Ltd. is proud to introduce their June 2011 Thrillers and Suspense Unpublished Writers Print Ready Competition for unpublished writers across the English-speaking world. The chance to see your unpublished book in print.
This competition starts June 2011.
A different genre each and every month.
The closing date for this competition is the 30st June 2011 23:59 BST.
June 2011 - Thrillers and Suspense

There are 12 genres, which is one for each month. They are:

Bangalore-based Differsense Ventures Launches Reading Hour: Promises it to be a Quality Magazine

ReadingHour( is an English bi-monthly print magazine of short stories, poetry, interviews, general interest articles and reviews, targeting adults who love reading. Launched recently in January 2011, Reading Hour aims to encourage Indian writing as well as the reading habit among those who find novels a challenge on their time.What readers are saying about ReadingHour:

Win Any Slam Dunk Contest by Studying How to Increase Your Vertical Leap - Consider These Worko

The only difficulty was, his Atlanta Hawks teammate, Spud Webb, had one thing various in thoughts. By just entering the tournament, Spud had already set a report by getting the shortest NBA basketball player to join the slam dunk contest at only five feet 7 inches. The supporters were truly stunned at seeing the diminutive dimension of Spud Webb as he lined up with his fellow dunking competition. He was the only player standing beneath six feet. Dominique Wilkins himself far towers around him at six feet and 8 inches.

Uninstall Microsoft Workplace - How To Eliminate Microsoft Workplace

The Microsoft Office computer software can be extremely tough to remove from your method. This is since of the total of various packages that get put in on your laptop or computer as part of the package. You will finish up with Term, Powerpoint, Excel, Publisher, Income and additional. If a file becomes corrupted it can prevent you from uninstall selected sections of the package. How To Uninstall Microsoft Workplace The process for taking away the application will differ dependent on what edition you have on your method.

Plano, TX Apartment Current market Report

These people today are right here for added security and to assist you in anyway necessary by answering concerns. Whilst someone is on-website other safety features will need to be in location to protect your belongings. Located around 20 miles north of Dallas on U.S. seventy five, Plano, which lies for the most aspect in Collin County, has much more than 274,000 residents. A suburb of Dallas, the town has garnered several community accolades in current decades and is regarded as a prime location for singles or people relocating to the Dallas-Fort Value Metroplex.

Grow Vertical Jumping for a Slam Dunk

This is a wonderful motion utilised by Numerous NBA Players. This can add 10 inches to your jumping electrical power. In the 1986 NBA Slam Dunk Contest, an individual name was eagerly awaited by the fans. Dominique Wilkins, the preceding year's title holder as well as the league's scoring leader, had decided to join and attempt to win the title for the second time. But Spud Webb prevailed and took residence the slam dunk championship that evening. If you glimpse at the video clip reels, you can see the joy on Dominique's encounter about his teammate beating him.

Virtual Credit Cards Are Useless for PayPal Account Verification

This is created up, by other members sending you payment for ebay or other items. Alternatively, once you have registered your bank account and any debit or credit score cards with paypal you can pick to shell out for things utilizing these solutions. The safest way for members to spend for goods with Paypal, is by registering a credit card and funding all payments although this. Simply because, paying out although credit score card generally provides an added degree of protection really should things go incorrect.

Win Any Slam Dunk Contest by Discovering How to Enhance Your Vertical Leap - Try out These Work

Dominique Wilkins himself far towers more than him at six feet and 8 inches. As anticipated, the tournament quickly became an exhilarating spectacle. Two renowned basketball gamers competed against each and every other as they showcased some of the best slam dunks in NBA historical past. But Spud Webb prevailed and took dwelling the slam dunk championship that evening. If you look and feel at the video reels, you can see the happiness on Dominique's encounter about his teammate beating him.

Microsoft Workplace for Mac Home and University student 2011

Microsoft Office for Mac Residence and College student 2011 aids your relatives make the most of every possibility, each and every day, from managing property projects and arranging vital gatherings to helping your children polish their homework. With about one billion PCs and Macs working Workplace, Microsoft Workplace is the most-trusted and most-employed productivity suite actually. And Office for Mac 2011 is here to aid you do much more with your Mac your way. Use acquainted apps like Phrase, Excel, and PowerPoint to aid you take your tips further.

Writing Your Wedding Speech, It’s up to you to get this one right!

Have you been staring at a blank piece of paper and decided that you need help to write your wedding speech? Most people think it's easy but once they start they realize it's more difficult than they thought. People assume that everyone in the wedding knows all the wedding etiquette, what to do and what to say but most people don't and this is when they decide to search the Internet for more information. There are plenty of sites offering free information on how to write a wedding speech and you'll also find some paid packages written by professionals.

What you must know before choosing a Builder in Birmingham

The air will be fresher in a clean office so your workers will be more energised to complete their tasks. Everyone can take pride in the spaces that are pristine and welcoming to employees and customers alike. You can expect to have repeat business when you provide an immaculate shopping or office atmosphere. A reputation will be established for your business when it is sparkling. The builders cleaning businesses in Birmingham can also take care of any new homes or buildings that have just been completed.

A Sports activities Story That Slam Dunks

1. Explosive Squats- These are a great and successful workout that can include energy to your quads. Act like you are doing a common squat. The Dominique Wilkins and Spud Webb dunking match up in 1986 was not the only one particular in which he was most recognized for. It was his rivalry with Michael Jordan for the Slam Dunk title that basketball fans have been handled to amid the best dunks in the historical past of the tournament. It was through one of these match ups that Jordan did his well known dunk of taking off from the no cost throw line.

The Modern day Messages of Bumper Sticker Printing

The plan of relaying messages to a large audience by way of mobile suggests was not new however, printing produced a extremely convenient, much less expensive, and greater capability for expressing messages. Politicians, companies, and many other individuals soon began to make use of stickers to profess tips and data. Harry Truman was the initial presidential candidate to make use of stickers as a indicates of campaigning. Since the 1948 presidential election, in which Truman was the victor, stickers have develop into a normal player in political campaigns.

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