“The Ultimate Guide To Kindle Publishing Using Microsoft Word” By Rev. Allen Smith Has Now Been Released By Lighthouse International Ministries

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Lighthouse International Ministries Has Published Rev. Allen Smith’s Newest Book “The Ultimate Guide To Kindle Publishing Using Microsoft Word.

Lighthouse International Ministries (Press Release) – February 18, 2014 – Potosi, Missouri - Speaker and Amazon.com best-selling author, Rev. Allen Smith, announces the publication of his newest book, “The Ultimate Guide To Kindle Publishing Using Microsoft Word”. This book has been published by Lighthouse International Ministries. 

"The Ultimate Guide To Kindle Publishing Using Microsoft Word" contains all the information you need to format, publish and to start marketing your own Kindle book in one easy to use guide.
This book contains over 130 detailed tutorial images in this easy-to-use guide. It tells you everything you need to know to get your own book formatted, published and selling as a Kindle eBook on Amazon.
No-Technical Knowledge Required
A complete strategy for formatting, publishing and promoting your books on Kindle is documented in this book. It is what Rev. Smith does with every new book he releases. You do not need to be a technical wizard, as each step is described in great detail with plenty of screenshots. If you can use Microsoft Word, you can publish your work on Amazon!
You Will Learn How To…
1)           Turn your Microsoft Word manuscript into a great looking Kindle book.
2)           Insert high quality images into your book.
3)           Publish your book via Amazon's Kindle Publishing Direct platform.
4)           Boost your sales by making sure you market your book effectively.
5)           Create 'Amazon Style' book descriptions to attract potential purchasers.
High quality screenshots are used to illustrate every facet of the formatting, publishing and marketing process.
Special Bonuses You Will Receive In This Book
81 Websites To Submit Your Book To For Marketing
38 Facebook Groups To Join And Market Your Book
Sample Press Release
28 Press Release Links
Special Free Offer For Readers Of This Book

Get this book Today at  http://smarturl.it/PUBLISHING
What Others Are Saying About “The Ultimate Guide To Kindle Publishing Using Microsoft Word”
5 Star Review
“One buys many nonfiction books online hoping to get some real golden nuggets in the content and sad to say most times one gets zero. The Ultimate Guide to Kindle Publishing with Microsoft is fantastic. The thought and the planning that went into this book was incredible. Full, full to the brim with golden nuggets. I am not a techie person so really needed a book like this so clearly explained for the inexperienced like myself. I really can recommend it. Thank you so very much Rev. Allen Smith.”
5 Star Review
“The author, Allen Smith does an excellent job in simply instructing the reader on how to effectively publish their work in the e-book format. The book is easy to read and packed with great information for marketing and publishing in the digital world. I highly recommend this e-book to any and all authors who want to gain exposure to a broader audience.”

About Lighthouse International Ministries

Lighthouse International Ministries is an organization with a goal to evangelize the world. It was born out of a passion for the Word of God and the spiritual need of people throughout the world. Our mission is to aggressively fulfill the commission that Jesus Christ gave to His followers to go into the world and make disciples of all people. Our purpose is to bring the lost to Jesus Christ and to build up and encourage those who are already believers.

About Rev. Allen Smith

Rev. Allen Smith was born in the little town of Neoga, IL in 1951. He was saved at the early age of 12 years, and started preaching when he was just 15. He has been preaching and teaching now for 46 years. He has been a pastor for over 30 years of that time. Rev. Smith has been a featured speaker at camp-meetings and conventions down through the years. In addition, he spent 3 years as president of International Bible College and Seminary in DeSoto, Missouri, where he authored 9 different syllabi for the Seminary.

Rev. Smith presently holds a Master's Degree in Religious Education, a Doctor of Divinity Degree, and a Doctor of Theology Degree and has published several articles, in nationwide religious publications.

From October of 1993 until July of 2010, Rev. Smith published a nation-wide Southern Gospel news magazine called SGN Scoops Digital. He is currently the founder and President of Lighthouse International Ministries which is a missionary outreach ministry.

Rev. Smith has a Daily Devotional called “One Day At A Time - A Daily Devotional Guide For Each Day Of The Year”, which is available on Amazon.com.  He also has four Kindle Ebooks available on Amazon.com. They Are: “Why? - Answering Questions About The Crucifixion”, “One Day At A Time”, “The Sacrifice”, and “Porquê?”, a Portuguese translation of Why?

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