StoryOfJesusOfNazareth Launched to Provide Interactive, Multi-Dimensional Historical Fiction to Readers Around the World

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For a Fun Read and Exclusive Membership Benefits, Provides a Feast for All Senses in a Page-Turning Fictional Story.

Kadima, Israel, January 17, 2012 --, a first-of-its-kind, innovative fictional story, tells the tale of the community of Rabbi Yeshua of Nazareth's followers and life at the northern shores of the Sea of Galilee in the months leading up to the trial of their leader.

Each chapter of the page-turning story is delivered on a weekly basis to members, along with interactive content such as photos, audio clips, relevant articles, videos and more for a heightened experience with the fictional account. provides this interactive media as tools to enhance the readers' experience throughout an incredible story.

Striving for a full sensory story, is a touching story of Jesus and those that surrounded him backed by inspiring photo galleries, thought-provoking video clips and documentaries and non-fiction articles discussing the history that this fictional work is rooted in. The website is also open to relevant contributions and intelligent discussions from readers all over the world that have been moved by this book.

This new book reading experience incorporates advanced technology and all forms of interactive media for a brand new way to connect with this story of Jesus. Besides being available in a digital format, new chapters are released each week to allow readers to fully soak up each sentence and spend some time thinking about every chapter and the story's development after reading.

By encouraging their readers to engage with media, such as videos, articles, photos and audio clips, as well as with one another throughout the read, offers a unique experience that will make this a story that readers will remember for years to come. rewards subscribers that help to spread the word about the life of Jesus Christ, their innovative reading experience and the incredible story that unfolds within to members and readers.

Explore the story of Jesus, the holy land, the Sea of Galilee and everything that was only a piece of an active imagination before by visiting them on the web at

Written by Carl Michaelis, who has spent significant time in both his native Germany as well as Israel, he presents a unique historical view of what life was like for the first Christian community. Readers can also connect directly on Twitter at, Facebook or via e-mail

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