Single Mom Turns Vegetables into Superheroes

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Can Superheroes Really Get Young Kids to Eat Their Veggies? Kids love superheroes but no so much veggies. That's why single mom Jackie Fielding invented some very cool "veggie" characters

Surrey, BC, October 27, 2011 --  Kids love superheroes but no so much veggies. That's why single mom Jackie Fielding invented some very cool "veggie" characters — Tommy Tomato, Billy Broccoli and Casey Carrot — for her three young children. Superheroes on a superhero mission: to encourage her kids to actually want to eat their veggies.

Like most mom's, Jackie had tried hiding veggies in her kids' food and making outrageous deals to get them to eat a few meager mouthfuls. (Yes, she even tried broccoli pancakes.) But finally, she began telling dinner table tales about the almighty "veggie heroes" and how they would "beat up" any bad guys (germs) that snuck into their bodies. Soon not only did her kids eat their veggies but they even began asking for more. And soon they even began asking before dinner what veggies were on their way and how they would fight the "bad guys."

Thus, The Veggie Adventures were born.

The Veggie Adventures is now a childrens' book that harnesses the fun and excitement of the "Veggie Heroes" to show youngsters what real vegetables do inside them. And Jackie well knows the dietary importance of vegetables having once been a Registered Nutritional Consultant and running an organic fruit and veggie business. But as a mom, she knows all too well the difficulty in getting kids to even try eating veggies, let alone wanting to. But as it has turned out, the "superheroes" concept has worked wonderfully well for her kids as well as her neighbors and anyone who has used her "Veggie Heroes" stories.

She first began thinking of writing her stories as a book when her children were still very young. But the busy life of a parent and being a small business owner made it difficult to pursue the idea. It was years later when her son Ryan, then nineteen, complained of not feeling well. He surprised her when he said, "I need some vegetables, Mom."

That was when Jackie realized how well the Veggie Adventures stories had worked. So she pulled her unfinished book out of the drawer and set to work. She also added a coloring book because kids like participating and the coloring book encourages them to make the story their own by both coloring the pictures and re-writing their own version of the story.

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It has taken Jackie 12 years from the telling of the first Veggie Heroes stories to finally making them into a book. The first Veggie Adventures story "Cameron and the Veggie Heroes" is now available in a full-color childrens' book so parents can share Veggie Heroes stories to their children. There is also a companion coloring book that encourages kids to create their own "Veggie Adventures."

This story book is colorful, playful, and easy-to-understand for youngsters. It's nutrition made fun.

Jackie is working with teachers to put the books in classrooms as an initiative on healthy eating.

Jackie's goal is to help children learn the same nutrition lessons hers did: That eating veggies is important. And if she has her way, parents everywhere will soon be asking their kids:
"Have you eaten your heroes today?"

The Veggie Adventures, by Jackie Fielding

Hard cover

32 pages, Illustrated

The book is available at retail outlets throughout the USA, Canada and Europe.

The companion coloring book sold separately.

Published by The Great Little Publishing Company

Jackie Fielding
The Great Little Publishing Company
Surrey, BC

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