Renowned Worship Leader, Jackie Gouché, Pens “True Worshippers” On Praise & Worship

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Anybody with an aspiration to discover God very intimately, and worship Him more devoutly preferably should read Jackie Gouché’s book.

Every Sunday morning at 400 E. Kelso Ave, in Inglewood, CA., you will find Jackie Gouché, leading the Bible Enrichment Fellowship members in 30-45 minutes of exhilarating, stimulating, awe-inspiring Praise & Worship. Whether she is sitting at the keyboard with her 8-piece band, or standing front and center, with her 20-voice praise team/choir, the sincerity of Jackie’s worship is felt throughout the congregation.
It is not her extensive knowledge of music, her incredible vocal ability, or her skill on the keyboard that qualifies Jackie Gouché to be a Worship Leader, but it is her relationship with God.

Apostle Beverly “BAM” Crawford is the founder and pastor of Bible Enrichment, and Jackie has been at her side for the past 22 years. In that position, through OJT, trial and error, and listening to the incredible teaching of her pastor, Jackie has learned what it means to be a True Worshipper.

In the foreword to Jackie’s book, Apostle Crawford states the following:
“Jackie, who can be quite a perfectionist at times, has beautifully yielded her gift to the Holy Spirit. She trusts Him…and she trusts me. But this relationship did not develop overnight. She is amazing alone, sitting at the piano and praising God, as tears flow down her face. We are prophetic together, as the hearts of the worshipper and the prophet connect within the harmony of Apostolic grace.”

When Jackie first began leading Praise & Worship in 1990, she had never even heard the term before. Raised in the Baptist church from birth, and then becoming a member of the COGIC at the age of 15, her only experience had been Sunday school, Devotional and testimonial service. But Jackie was already a worshipper at heart. She had developed the consistent habit of expressing her gratitude to God for how He had worked miraculously in her life. Now, after 22 years of experience and biblical teaching, Jackie has become a seasoned worship leader, with the knowledge and expertise that she has so eloquently shares in her new book “True Worshippers”.

This comprehensive teaching on the subject of Praise & Worship covers everything from the Meaning of Praise & Worship to The Worship Leader and the Praise Team. Anyone with a desire to know God more intimately, and worship Him more devoutly should readJackie’s book. It will be available May 1st, 2013 at
About the Author:
Jackie Gouché is a Worship Leader, Author, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Mother, and a Mentor. For the past 22 years, Jackie has served as Minister of Music and Worship Leader at Bible Enrichment Fellowship Int’l Church in Inglewood, CA. The teaching of Dr. Beverly “Bam” Crawford has given her a strong spiritual foundation, and knowledge of the Word of the God. It is Jackie’s life experiences, however, that have shown her the reality of His love, and stirred within her a deep desire to love Him back.
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