New Vampire Book Series Released Hitting Movie Theaters in 2013

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Memoirs of a Vampire Countess, Isabella, by DC Johnson, is about a vampire raising a family under impossible and forbidden circumstances.

Minneapolis, MN, November 04, 2011 -- The first book in a new chilling vampire series, written by Minnesota author and song writer DC Johnson, has been released. She takes readers into a vampiric world filled with many shockingly dark secrets and forbidden temptations that have not been written about before. The story, "Memoirs of a Vampire Countess", is told from a female's perspective, through a lovely goon countess named Isabella, who heads the coven. A strikingly new place of power for the female goon as Countess of the coven versus the typical male Master as head of the coven.

This vampire story features a vampire goon struggling to make the best of a dark life forced upon her, in the midst of vampire law and tyrannical Masters she is trying to hide from. Having lived alone in the human world for centuries, Isabella breaks the most sacred of vampire oaths and starts a family with abandoned human children, which is strictly forbidden in the vampire world. She struggles to keep it a secret but must make decisions that will ultimately save her and her new family, or kill them all.

"The idea for the book came to me as I thought about what I really wanted to write about for my first book. I loved watching vampire and zombie movies, and since it was October, a Halloween theme came to mind, and the rest as they say is history." She continues "Since then, I've written a couple more vampire books to make it a series. I plan to write up to three more books to this series if my readers are thirsting for it." She writes "Memoirs of a Vampire Countess", to bring new and unique ideas to a timeless topic. This story, meant to be as fantastical as it is familiar to the reader, offers new twists on vampirism and the popular vampire theme. It provides a look into how cruel the curse of immortality can be for those undead.

Intended to portray a diverse cast of vampire and human characters with unique backgrounds, ethnicities, and professions; the novel brings together a story of truly new and unique dark gifts, deep forbidden desires, tempered blood lust and chilling realities unlike anything the vampire world has seen before. Each subsequent book in this vampire series is written by a female goon successor, and Countess of her own coven.

The first book of this vampire series has been signed to a movie deal by Aequitas Entertainment and is currently in production. The movie is slated for release in theaters in 2013.

For more information on this vampire novel, members of the press can contact the author at For more information on this vampire movie, contact Aequitas Entertainment. "Memoirs of a Vampire Countess... Isabella...Dead Beginnings" is available for sale online at her website and other book outlets. The first few chapters of this book, and other books she has coming out, are also available for free download at her website.

DC Johnson is a Minnesota author who uses her training as a Mental Health Therapist to reach readers of all ages. She has written playful children's stories to stories about the dark world of vampires. Her second vampire book will be released by the end of 2011 with subsequent books in this series being released throughout 2012 and 2013, leading up to the movie on her first book in 2013. She is also publishing a children's fantasy novel entitled "The Secret of MeadowBrook Orphanage" by early 2012. She is also co-writing a children’s Christmas story with Rowan Creations.

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DC Johnson
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Minneapolis, MN

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