New Book Says, Forty-Seven Dollars Can Make You A Millionaire

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New book, “From Newbie To Millionaire”, Teaches People How To Honestly Supplement Their Incomes!

La Jolla, CA, April 12, 2012 -- More and more people are financially suffering according to The global economy is generally unstable and people are trying to find creative opportunities to supplement their income. There are a lot of  get-rich-quick scams and under-delivering when it comes to promises of making a fortune online, especially with Internet marketing. However, Christine Clayfield is the exception to the rule. Ms. Clayfield’s transparent tactics, and well received book, truly can deliver viable income into the hands of those willing to work.

 “From Newbie To Millionaire” was composed to help people start to become rich. The book dispels misconceptions of automated system failures related to Internet marketing strategies. The advice offered in the book implements real-life business tips to help individuals start generating sales. The book reveals the truth about Internet marketing success and the steps required to be prosperous. People have a real opportunity to work hard and increase their income by twenty to one hundred percent.

 “I fell for a lot of the hoaxes online. I was the person who always dreamt I could click my mouse and have endless cash in my bank account.” Says self-made millionaire Christine Clayfied. “I wanted to write a book that would help people understand what it takes to really make money online. I also wanted to make the process easy to understand too. I was able to get away from all the online scams but I had to realize there was going to be work required on my part. That’s why I wrote the book. I have a video on my website showing my actual income and how it is made and I put the reality of what the hours are when it comes to being successful at Internet marketing.”

 “From Newbie To Millionaire” is  a risk-free purchase. Clayfield promises every customer their money back if they are not happy. The US price of $47.00 includes the eBook and a related video. The downloadable book is an instantaneous way to start learning Internet marketing. People with no experience in making money online can easily start understanding how the process works. Absolutely NO Internet Marketing Skills, Sales, or Computer Experience Necessary!

“From Newbie To Millionaire” is open to review by the media. The book’s author, Christine Clayfield, has put income screenshots in the book for authenticity when it comes to the achievable financial figures. The book is a great read for an audience curious as to how to really create and market an eBook, start up a successful online venture, or understand niche research when it comes to getting links on Google’s front page!

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