Larry Laswell Releases Collection of Stories Inspired by Life at Sea

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Author Larry Laswell announced today the release of his first anecdotal book series on life in the U.S. Navy.

Marshell Publishing announced today that historical fiction author Larry Laswell has released the first volume of his anecdotal series on life in the U.S. Navy, entitled A Ship Load of Sea Stories & 1 Fairy Tale (Volume 1), which will be available for readers to download at no cost on Laswell’s website,, or at participating eBook retailers.

In the Sea Stories volumes, Laswell tells the story of his navy career in a chronological fashion – stories he has shared with friends and family for many years, but has now decided to share with the rest of the world. Laswell served in the navy from 1967 to 1975, where he held various specialty technician roles, and later served as a CIC officer, electronic material officer and anti-submarine warfare officer. The collection of Laswell’s naval experiences, as told in his witty and amusing writing style, makes it an entertaining read for those currently enlisted, veterans, as well as those who would love a glimpse of what it’s like to serve in the navy.

“I believe my navy career was unique,” said Laswell. “I was aboard ships doing some serious and dangerous stuff, and the ships I was on were at sea three to four times as much as the average navy ship. These life-changing experiences are etched into my memory, almost as if they are still in full color HD.”

Laswell’s A Ship Load of Sea Stories & 1 Fairy Tale is currently available on a free download via his website, and is also available on Amazon Kindle at a price of $0.99, where readers can price-match and receive it at no cost. In addition, the eBook is also available from Smashwords and will soon be available at Barnes & Noble and other eBook retail sites. Laswell also will release the first chapter of his second novel, Vows to the Fallen, a prequel to his first novel, The Marathon Watch, in May, 2015. Larry continues to write, blog and engage with readers on social media and through his military-inspired blog posts on

About Larry Laswell:

Larry served in the US Navy eight years. In navy parlance, he was a mustang, someone who rose from the enlisted ranks to receive an officer’s commission. While in the navy, he served as Main Engines officer aboard the USS Intrepid CV-11, and as Submarine Warfare Officer aboard the USS William M Wood DD-715. Now retired, he fills his spare time with woodworking and furniture design. He continues to work on The Marathon Watch series, an upcoming Science Fiction series, and an anthology of over eighty humorous sea stories. For more information about Larry Laswell, visit

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