Kindle Sales Training Show How To Get Over 200 Sales A Week

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The Kindle Sales Eruptor report was launched on on July 8th, revealing how self-published authors get over 200 sales a week using very simple marketing tactics.

Kindle Sales Eruptor is a .PDF report available since July 8th 2013 on the Warrior Forum, a popular internet marketing forum and marketplace for internet marketing products as well.

Co-authors Mark White and Tom Leroy decided to reveal their tips to the highest number of marketers and self published authors how they skyrocketed sales of their eBook in the Amazon Kindle store.

"The Warrior Forum is a place where we get our knowledge either for free or by purchasing other's info-products. It was a natural move to get Kindle Sales Eruptor listed here" says Tom Leroy. "I got through many mistakes before achieving the success we're currently seeing, and KSE will help other struggling authors to avoid the same mistakes and progress faster" adds Mark White.

The KSE report includes 5 methods (from the Kindle Sales Eruptor sales page):

Method 1 : Force Kindle to send customers to you.

Method 2:  A unique twist to a proven methods which will sky rocket your sales - its gonna leave you flabbergasted - thats a promise.

Method 3: Pricing methods to help generate the best possible revenue.

Method 4: How to get the most out of your free days promotion - Getting 100-200 downloads on your free days? Learn how to boost that number to a whooping 16,100 downloads!

Bonus: A simple yet very effective way to take your writing escapades to the next level.

Mark, who came up with the original idea of creating the Kindle Sales Eruptor report saw his Kindle book sales jumping from 1 per week to 85, and then 214 using his method. "There is a right way to do thing, and it's not really difficult once you know how. Amazon requires some right type of interaction on their site before you get rewarded" says Mark. "Indeed, it's like a snowball effect but you first have to put the right pieces together" concludes Tom.

Many book marketing services or training have already been offered online promising to increase sales. When asked what makes his 11-page report unique, Mark says "well, it's short, to the point. I didn't want any fluff to fill the pages. But the best thing? It works".

The product is not dedicated to people who want to learn how to publish their first ebook using the Kindle Direct Publishing platform or what topic they should write about. It is intended to authors and internet marketers who already have the publishing knowledge and have their books listed but are not seeing the results they want.

Kindle Sales Eruptor is available on the Warrior Forum at a starting price of $7 at the following link:

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