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Get a good overview of ideas and principles described in many classic books and how to use it in developing and improving personal life on Jenbarber.

For scholars and readers of classic books a new blog Jenbarber seeks to be a collection of all classic books that are considered a must read for all generations. The blog will include categories like self-improvement, leadership, creativity, philosophy, business and marketing and will provide a more meaningful insight into the books and will explain to readers what message each author is trying to pass across.

Two of the books reviewed in the blog are; "The Science of getting rich" by Wallace D. Wattles and "As a man thinketh" by James Allen.  Jenbarber claims that some of the methods and concepts that were described in the book "The science of getting rich" are still applicable even in today's economy and tough times and should not be neglected. He further explains Wallace D. wattles principles and how it can be used to run successful businesses and how this age long principles are now the foundation of those that find success in life.

In "As a man thinketh", Jenbarber clarifies James Allen's statement about how a man's life is not a function of his circumstances but rather of his thoughts. He further clarifies James believes on how a man's thoughts affects his health and how diet and physical age are not important.

About Jenbarber
Jenbarber is a literary blog that contains the idea of classic books. The purpose of the blog is to sharpen the principles and depict the wisdom and wittiness of the literary works with the aim of helping readers to comprehend more easily and clearly the messages within them. For more information about the blog please visit

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