Jason Jowett Founder of Horoscorpio and independent Author sets up Second Editions of the Alchemy Books Series

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The Alchemy Series by new Author and Founder Jason Jowett is reformatted for sale through Lulu in A5 perfect Binding, while the Authors company is still sourcing Equity.

A intrigued driven time travel mystery, science fiction, the Alchemy Series, by Jason Jowett, dares to take the extra mile. The wonderful plot is inspired by the traditions of the scriptures, and developed holistically with the aboriginal dreamtime cosmology. Great and important characters throughout history are revived, during the heroic dreamscaping adventures and the emancipation of humanity set in place from the humble Earth, to the divine inheritance of the Solar System. A delightful satyr, the comedy, romance and tragedy unfold across four Parts. Author Jason Jowett has achieved the impossible and backed up his original philosophies with a awe inspiring solution to histories greatest troubles. Presently the ebook series is available through Google Books and the paperback via Lulu.
Jason Jowett founder of the ECNE is setting up the company Horoscorpio to deliver its goals. The Cause is now only minor but has a pivotal difference to others presently similar.

As a open and public Cause, it is hoped that others will contribute to it in time, and all under the formal resolutions of the Christos. Horoscorpio, as Jason Jowetts formulation, intends to relay the human quality associations to time, through the inherent positions of the planets in Aspects, and their ultimate power personifications. A long held tradition in society and religion, the Planetary Powers are expected to be the most independently original creation of Horoscorpio Time Management solutions, in expressive and creative autonomy. Whilst as detailed in great detail and available in Presentation form via Youtube and Speaker Deck, the Quality Association Directories reducible through the Self-astrology systems, will go to the creation of a public Archive.

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