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In her first book from Creation House, Dr. Caretha F. Crawford has a word for anyone who feels adrift in the pursuit of their dreams.

Largo, MD — In her first book from Creation House, Dr. Caretha F. Crawford has a word for anyone who feels adrift in the pursuit of their dreams. A thought provoking read, HOLD ON TO YOUR DREAM offers enormous hope and encouragement to those who, time and time again, have seen their pursuits thwarted by life’s troublesome circumstances and obstacles.

Crawford describes the book as a “journey toward walking out your dream,” establishing the importance of God’s timing, and the need for perseverance. She serves up a banquet of profound truth, illustrated through the lives of recognizable figures in the Bible, as well as contemporary men and women. Through these examples, readers are sure to be encouraged to rededicate themselves to pursuing the dreams God has planted within them. In addition, Dr. Crawford presents eighteen critical strategies that catapulted her to dream fulfillment that anyone can use to help them achieve their God-given dreams.

The author, who has many accomplishments and recognition, is a successful entrepreneur who knows, first hand, what can happen when one places his dream on hold. She firmly believes that many are living with the regrets of having substituted busyness for true fulfillment. She writes: “When dreams and visions aren’t recognized and realized, we live a hollow and empty life. We can be busy, busy, busy, yet have voids if purpose is not being fulfilled.”

Readers of HOLD ON TO YOUR DREAM will be provided step-by-step instructions to getting pass the struggles that cause dream abandonment! They will be motivated and divinely inspired to continue to walk in faith toward those things they believe God has promised them. Dr. Crawford communicates that when we walk in the path that God has prepared for us, we will be satisfied.

Dr. Caretha F. Crawford is an entrepreneur, International Bible teacher, vivacious Speaker and inspirational Author who is anointed to release destiny and abilities in others. Dr. Crawford graduated from Winston-Salem State University, Winston–Salem, North Carolina, and Maple Springs Baptist Bible College & Seminary, Capitol Heights, Maryland. She is the author of Dance, God’s Gift to You!

Hold On To Your Dream by Dr. Caretha F. Crawford
ISBN: 978-1-62136-688-1                      Retail: $10.99 / Trade paper

HOLD ON TO YOUR DREAM  is available wherever fine books are sold, including Amazon.com, and Christianbook.com. For a review copy, submit request to email gailreneepr@gmail.com, or visit www.HoldOnToYourDream.org.

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