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Imagination is one of the Greatest Talents We Have. Learn from a Rising Child Author Natalie Tinti about it.

TEMECULA, CA (March 14, 2013) - Phenomenal child author, illustrator and multi-awarded Natalie Tinti, weaves another tale of friendship - Sewing a Friendship 2. Magic in Us: The Power of Imagination & Magic in Us: The Healing Circle. Tinti was only 10 years old when she set out to write the sequel to the widely acclaimed Sewing a Friendship, which jumpstarted her early writing career.

From the innocent, but imaginative perspective of its young and talented author, Sewing a Friendship 2: Magic in Us recounts the adventures and misadventures of friends Sokron, Jonsy, Meeka, and Kiki in their quest to resolve the tragedy of Nina’s injured finger.

Nina and her friends get help in this magical journey of friendship, fun, caring, and dreaming from Mr. Windy-the-Wind and Sokron’s mysterious grandma Babushka. In this sequel to Sewing a Friendship 2, the friends continue to discover the wonders of real friendship while trying to manage the problem about Nina’s injured finger. The injury is a tragedy for Nina because it hindered her from playing her musical instruments. The new tale unfolds with one mysterious call that rallied Nina’s friends to her rescue. Using the powers of their imagination, the girls explored the world of fantasy they created in search for a cure for Nina’s injury. Tinti tickles the fancy of young readers with a glimpse of friendship and magic, a bit of trouble, and a wonderfully happy ending.

Natalie believes everyone uses imagination in their daily life, but not many people practice its power to bring happiness in their lives. What do you create more often: the image how you want it to be or the image how you don’t want it to be? Remember, imagination is one of the greatest talents we have. What you imagine, what you create is what you’ll get. Use the power wisely!

Even before Sewing a Friendship 2: Magic in Us is officially released; it showed early signs of another winning read when it garnered a bronze award in Children Chapter Books under the Readers’ Favorite Book Review. Tinti’s first Sewing a Friendship piled six different awards.

About Natalie Tinti
Tinti is now 13 years old and is a seventh grader at the Orange County School of Arts. One of the world’s youngest authors, Tinti has 12 books in her roster tackling topics such as Turning Bullies into
Friends and How to Talk to your Teenager containing all her illustrations.

Check out for the release of Sewing a Friendship 2: Magic in Us at your favorite book stores and libraries. Call them up to make sure they have it before you come to get it. Read the Magic in Us. You’ll be glad you did it!

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