Florida author publishes cannibalism story

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This is a story about Soviet gulag convicts sentenced to hard labor during WW2 in a Kolyma gold mine who killed a fellow prisoner and dismembered his body to use his flesh as food to survive during their escape through permafrost taiga of Eastern Siberia

18 June 2012, Venice, Florida 34293-4144, USA
Bohdan O. Szuprowicz, President of 21st Century Research is publishing several stories  on Amazon Kindle. These will be available to users of Kindle devices including Kindle Fire, Keyboard, DX, 2nd and 1st Generation Kindle for PC and for Mac. Also these stories can be read on ipad, iphone, Android, Blackberry and WindowsPhone devices and smartphones.
The initial Kindle publication "The Sweet Taste of Revenge" is a story focusing on cannibalism practised in a remote gulag camp of the Soviet Union during WW2. The author chose this story specifically because there were cases of alleged drug-induced cannibalism that recently took place in Florida and Louisiana.
In the story, however, cannibalism is involved as a means of survival by escaping convicts and the victim is in fact a traitor who was instrumental in getting them sentenced to 25 years of hard labor in the gulags in the first place.
The story is a work of fiction but it is based on actual facts of cannibalism that did take place in many parts of the Soviet Union before, during and after WW2, particularly under the Stalin regime. Szuprowicz draws upon his extensive research of memoirs about those times from Poland, Russia, UK, Canada and USA as well as personal contacts with people who were imprisoned in the Soviet Gulags.
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