Fifth series title available; Pentacoast by Jason Jowett

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The Alchemy Series by Jason Jowett continues on with Pentacoast, the fifth series title available in paperback via Lulu. Continuing on in the series theme, the meta-narrative reveals the authenticity behind Christendom, and life of Jesus of Nazareth.

The fifth Novel in the Alchemy Series. The Gholden system is developing to the means of fomenting life as a integral abridgment. As the society develops the ultimate technologies they are impacted by the reverse engineering through the continuum by time travelers. The timespace continuum is navigated perfectly however by the more notable individuals and Pentacoast delves deep into the Time of Creation, with the story of Jesus of Nazareth. Traveling east to the Hindus, with the three wise men, Jesus begets a holy child, and becomes a venerated soul. His power continues to grow as he accumulates wisdom and finally becomes Jesus Christ.
The short story, now available in Paperback for the first time, reveals the truth behind Christendom and the revelations Jesus experienced in becoming Jesus Christ. As the Disciples settle down in Jerusalem with Jesus their leader, the truth of his becoming is revealed in hindsight of his commitment to their salvation. His remarkable deeds and accomplishments are not overlooked even by those most close to him, also betrayed by the demands of the Roman Empire.

Author Jason Jowett is the Founder of ECNE, the Evaluations of Christ Nature for Emancipation. Director of the Startup Horoscorpio, Jason is setting a precedent for the Communication Revolution, and empowering people for a virtuous and autonomous lifestyle. The Alchemy Series is all self published via Lulu, and is additionally is mostly available in ebook format through google books. Additionally there are three egamebooks accompanying the series, in ebooks.
The company Horoscorpio is seeking capital investment in order to create the utility of timespace management; Time Solutions. The innovations are advancements on existing technology, and help the public reach the otherwise only professionally operated utility of the ephemeris, the natal chart generator and the zodiac.

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