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The Hampton Roads Next Best Fiction Author Contest 2013 top 10 Scott Hylton’s first book of the series

People who enjoy reading fiction are always on the lookout for novice writings and refined themes to keep them intrigued.  A recent addition to such a massive collection of fictional work is Scott Hylton’s first book of the series “Immortal Grave- Merlin’s Heir.”  

The book is a collage of emotions and the overall aspect of societal influence on mankind.  His story telling technique has been wonderfully depicted through the simple yet conveying language that he employs in his book.  As an avid story lover, he depicts every aspect of human life through his protagonist, Jack McAllister.  The way the young mind perceives the world to be and the way it turns out to be in reality is beautifully narrated in the entire book.   Scott Hylton was also able to use a historical element to the entire book along with the nerve wrecking after death experience of the protagonist.  The mixture of elements on to one platform has made the book to be a huge success and it is hard to miss such a good read.

“Immortal Grave- Merlin’s Heir” is ranked to be in the top 10 listed books in the Hampton Roads Next Best Fiction Author contest 2013.  This itself depicts the author’s mastery in being able to justify the various elements into a conglomeration of emotions and being able to compel the human mind to seek out a new and refined way at identifying the future prospects for everyone.  The book is now available on Amazon in a kindle version at an absolutely stunning price and those who enjoy reading fiction can surely bag this to be a worthwhile read.  Scott Hylton being a person from the navy takes pride in being able to narrate a story that is heart touching and also intrigues the reader throughout through the introduction of various characters.  His way of relating the human nature to the futuristic perspective is well appreciated.  As the first book of an entire series, the author hopes to bring in newness to the world of fiction through this writing.  To download the kindle edition through Amazon log onto http://www.amazon.com/The-Immortal-Grave-Merlins-Heir-ebook/dp/B00F4C5A6S/ref=pd_ybh_1 .  Readers who have already availed this special copy have given it a five start rating because of the amount of surprise element that is incorporated in every part of the book.

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