Elizabeth Rooks Releases New Children’s Book

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"Where does Santa work after Christmas" is a fun, exciting and informative book that teaches children about different occupations and the responsibility attached to each.

Children’s book author Elizabeth Rooks http://www.elizabethrooks.com/ is glad to announce the release of her new book "Where does Santa work after Christmas" to help young children learn about different professions and understand the responsibilities attached to each one.

Inside the book, Rooks revolves the story around a young child named 'Tyler' who is curious about what Santa does after Christmas. The book then takes him on a quest where he discovers not just the different jobs Santa has to do till the next Christmas but also Santa's lifestyle changes. "Where does Santa work after Christmas" is laid out in a fun, easy to read format with colorful pictures to illustrate each story and keep children glued to the very end.

"This book is the perfect day after Christmas book for kids. Christmas passes by so fast but this book is a great way to make it last a little longer. It is also one that can be read anytime of the year and not just around the holidays," said Elizabeth Rooks

Other children books by Elizabeth Rooks includes; Rayne Queen Water Supplier of the World and Where Does Santa Go on Vacation after Christmas. Elizabeth Rooks is also giving out a 30% after Christmas sales discount on all children's books in her store. Her books are also available on Goodreads.

About Elizabeth Brooks
Elizabeth Rooks is an accomplished author and a special education teacher. Born in Haiti where she lived her early life before moving to America. Elizabeth Rooks picked up a master's degree in Children literature at the age of 30 while still battling with stage III breast cancer. Elizabeth Rooks takes pride in her books and her job as she helps children with disabilities overcome their own learning challenges each and every day. In her spare time, she works on arts and crafts projects that give her a great deal of satisfaction. From creating stained glass, card and jewelry designing to writing children’s books she feels she has barely touched on what this life has to offer.
For more information about Elizabeth Rooks and her new book please visit http://www.elizabethrooks.com/

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