Canada Becomes the First to Get the Kindle Touch

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The Amazon Kindle is the best selling ereader in the world -- over a million a week in December.

Montreal, QC, Canada, February 21, 2012 -- Unannounced and unnoticed, Amazon has listed the Kindle Touch for sale to Canada, making it the first country to be included in Kindle Touch sales outside of the U.S. The Kindle Touch is the latest generation of the now-famous ereader series and the first to offer navigation through a touch-sensitive screen.

Amazon does not make sales figures public but the Kindle Touch would have been at the front of the pre-Christmas surge that saw Kindles flying out of the warehouse at rates exceeding a million a week. And this despite the fact that Kindles are notoriously difficult to obtain if you do not live in the United States.

Although Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer with commerce websites in nine countries, distribution of the Kindle ereaders has always been restricted geographically for a variety of reasons. At the end of 2011, neither the Kindle Touch nor the Kindle Fire – the two high profile introductions of that year – could be bought anywhere but in the U.S.

The release of the Kindle Touch to the Canadian market now gives that country access to four of the six Kindle models available. This is the most of any country outside the USA. More product information as well as purchasing instructions can be found at Kindles in Canada.

The Kindle Touch being shipped to Canada is the basic Wi-Fi version which sells for US$139. A higher-end model with free 3G connectivity is not offered outside the U.S. A Wi-Fi connection requires access to the Internet while a 3G connection works the same as a cell phone and is thus more ubiquitous.

The Canadian model should benefit from a software upgrade released at the same time which, among other things, makes page turning faster.

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