Award-winning sci-fi novel is a page burner!

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Falling From Eden, Inc., award-winning sci-fi novel by Ross Wright, published by Bazorg Press, is a page burner.

LOS ANGELES, CA, August 6 — Falling From Eden, Inc., award-winning sci-fi novel by Ross Wright, published by Bazorg Press, is a page burner. “Just as you get comfortable and think you know where it's going, Wright takes it up a notch. Each character has a back story creating a relationship between the reader and the characters. I would endorse this book to anyone who enjoys many levels of adventure.” B. Shepard

In Falling From Eden, Inc., to save his father’s waning gym business, Ethan takes a lucrative out-of-town job—way out of town, at a space resort orbiting Earth. Flying debris devastates the resort, leaving sole survivors Ethan and his friend Ascot exiled for eight years until they can aim an escape pod at their home planet. Back on Earth, they realize that years of living in artificial gravity have augmented their strength and senses. The U.S. is now ruled by militaristic corporations, including Eden, Inc., the creator of the cosmic resort.

From the moment Ethan returns to Earth, he is hunted at every turn by Casper Degas, the sociopath CEO of Eden Inc. and his team of uniquely equipped super-assassins, who will go to any length to make sure that Ethan doesn’t stay alive to expose the accident that they have so ruthlessly covered up and derail their plans to monopolize celestial real estate.

Through a turbulent stream of events, Ethan discovers his true values and how he is going to put his newfound skills to use. Ethan’s summer job begins as a simple attempt to save a small family business but instead he goes on a surreal journey and is transformed into a man with the potential to save the world from a maniacal industrialist who is willing to destroy the planet in order to control it.

Ross Wright is the CEO of his own musical empire. As conductor and composer for the award-winning Los Angeles based Orchestre Surreal, Wright leads one of the most eclectic, original and entertaining orchestras on the plantet. Wright composes scores for film and television productions, in addition to penning concert and chamber music. Falling From Eden, Inc. is Wright’s first novel.

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