Author Offers Tips on Managing Stress for a Better Life

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Published by Halo Publishing International, Its All in Your Head is an inspirational book on managing stress in ones everyday life.

Houston, TX (USA), December 06, 2013 -- Author Duane Pajak knows a lot about managing stress. He earned both his bachelors and masters degrees in psychology from Michigan State University; has more than 30 years of professional experience as a psychotherapist; was head of two outpatient psychiatric clinics; and has taught numerous workshops and college courses on stress management. Pajak said his new book, Its all in Your Head, is a way for him to share ways people can live life less stressfully.

We all need to learn to live in the moment and apply that to both work and home, the author said.

Published by Halo Publishing International, ( ) Its All in Your Head is an inspirational book on managing stress in ones everyday life. The book emphasizes ways to reduce stress by having the reader become aware of his or her own stressful thoughts, explained Pajak.

It then walks the reader through some easy, practical steps and examples on how to let negative, stressful thoughts dissipate before they do significant mental and physical harm, he said.

Halo Publisher Lisa Umina said Its all in Your Head offers suggestions on how to bring balance, physical exercise, enjoyment, and relaxation to ones active, busy life-style. Readers should gain a deeper appreciation and gratitude for the things that really matter in life.

Pajak said he hopes readers realize they can live life less stressfully if they make the effort. It is important to learn to accept other people for who they are and not make their problems your problems. He said there are many ways to reduce the frustration, pressure and conflict that cause stress. One simple way is to go for a walk, Pajak said. Walking relieves stress.

Pajak spent his childhood in Bay City, Michigan in a supportive and loving family, and said he became interested in psychology during his junior year of high school. He resides in Petoskey, Michigan with his wife, Maureen, a former elementary and special education teacher. The author and his wife have three sons and four grandchildren. Pajak presently teaches courses at North Central Michigan College. His stress relievers include walking and nature photography.

To contact author Duane Pajak, e-mail him at To order Its all in Your Head, visit The book is also available at the North Central Michigan College bookstore, some community bookstores, and through Amazon and Barnes & Noble in both e-book and soft-cover form.

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