47 Percent Negro — A Chronicle of the Wackiest Racial Assaults on President Obama

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An Explosive New eBook that Details the Naked Racial Skewering of President Obama

President Obama and at times first lady Michelle Obama have been the target of more racially loaded and hate filled attacks than any other president in the past century. The attacks have not been simply the garden variety political jabs, hits, and skewering that all American presidents have received. Nor have the attacks been simply the voicing of honest criticism and protests over big government, concerns about the deficit, constraints on individual liberties, defense of gun owner rights, opposition to health care reforms, and support of school choice. These are legitimate political criticisms that the critics of the White House are entitled to make in a free society. The problem though has been that many have used these above board political criticisms as a cover for crude and naked racial attacks on Obama.

The bash has characterized by an unprecedented, below the belt assault that has at various times called into question Obama's birth, education, religious leanings, patriotism, and economic views were shamelessly and outrageously distorted to paint him as a demagogic, phony, drug-hazed, closet Marxist, Islamic extremist, hell-bent on subverting America's values.

It has been a campaign of unheard of in American political annals that have included Obama "Joker" posters -- showing him as Batman's ultimate nemesis -- crude, racist scrawls on signs and banners, Confederate flags and Texas Lone Star flags, and racist digs at the president and even Michelle for a time.

In his new eBook 47 Percent Negro—A Chronicle of the Wackiest Racial Assaults on President Obama, (Amazon Kindle)  nationally syndicated columnist and Hutchinson Report Radio host Earl Ofari Hutchinson examines in fine detail the litany of  zany, over the top, name calling, finger pointing, sloganeering, heckling, and the record number of assassination threats, all driven by a voracious and insidious social media where anti-Obama bashers have had free rein to vent their hate and threats, that President Obama has received before and during his White House tenure.  This has served to mark the nation’s first African-American president as the one White House occupant that race would always lurk just underneath the surface no matter how seemingly wacky the attacks on him were.

In 47 Percent Negro—A Chronicle of the Wackiest Racial Assaults on President Obama
Hutchinson makes us think deeply again about the always prickly and treacherous issues of race, stereotypes, the media, and how many Americans will use any means no matter how reprehensible and divorced from legitimate political disagreement to abuse a president.

In 47 Percent Negro—A Chronicle of the Wackiest Racial Assaults on President Obama, Hutchinson guides the reader through the many twists and turns of the racial assault on Obama in these provocative chapters:

•    Is Obama a Socialist?
•    Trumping Obama’s Birth
•    Obama Hate on Social Media
•    Hatin’ on Michelle
•    Racism Marches against Obama
47 Percent Negro—A Chronicle of the Wackiest Racial Assaults on President Obama
Fully presents and examines the full, at times ugly, at times zany, and at all times reprehensible litany of hate filled digs, jibes, barbs, depictions and characterizations of the Obamas. It’s a litany that still tells much about how far too many Americans are willing to go to any length to vent hatred even when, maybe especially when, the target of their hate is their president.

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