Summertime Additions at Jewelry Box Avenue Change the Industry

Jewelry Box Avenue is proud to announce the addition of over 120 products, changing the online jewelry box retail landscape forever.
Drums, PA 17/May/2011 of release

Jewelry Box Avenue knows product selection is key when it comes to shopping online. In order to satisfy every shopper’s needs, in the next month, over 120 new products will be added to Jewelry Box Avenue’s website, giving it the largest selection of jewelry boxes, when compared to the competition. There will be new girls jewelry boxes, silver jewelry boxes, watch boxes, mens jewelry boxes and just about any type of jewelry box imaginable.

After these new products are live, a second wave of massive additions will occur in July. As a result of these massive additions and new exposure, customers will land at a one stop shop when going to Jewelry Box Avenue’s website. Sales are expected to increase, and if they hit certain levels, price breaks will occur, passing savings on to all future purchases. These additions should change the landscape of the online jewelry box retail world tremendously. This change will catapult Jewelry Box Avenue to the number one spot in terms of where to buy a jewelry box.

Jewelry Box Avenue aims to be a website customers visit and bookmark for future purchases. JBA shows customers how important they are, as they have the best prices, offer coupon codes on top of the low prices and have tons of promotional events each month on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets. When the online jewelry box retail landscape changes in the next couple of weeks, customers should look out for extra promotional events to kick off this massive selection increase.

More information regarding Jewelry Box Avenue and the addition of over 120  new products can be found on Jewelry Box Avenue’s website at JBA is happy to assist customers with their every need and will gladly provide more information regarding this addition of girls jewelry boxes, silver jewelry boxes, watch boxes, mens jewelry boxes and wooden jewelry boxes. Even if the question does not pertain to the event above, Jewelry Box Avenue is here to help and will do our best to answer your questions. Businesses often overlook the importance of giving back to their customers, but Jewelry Box Avenue wants to do the right thing, giving the customers the respect and rewards they deserve. Keep an eye out for more of these great product additions, promotions, and coupons, as JBA is hoping to have more and more of these events in the very near future.

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