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Choosing to become a certified medical assistant gives individuals the exciting opportunity to work alongside leading medical professionals and therapists. They are also known as health care professionals and play an important role in all healthcare institutions and hospitals. There are professional medical assistant certification courses available from reputable institutions that help those interested in becoming medical assistants in getting an opening to a career that is both rewarding and good paying in the long run. A medical assistant salary may not seem to be very attractive at the onset but it is expected to be one of the most sought after professions in the near future according to the industry experts. There are portals such as that provide detailed information about everything you want to know about this popular profession.

The portal was founded in 2011 by a small website development organization in Madison, WI and is focused on providing reliable and authentic information to those who are committed to becoming medical assistants. The aim is to keep the growing community of medical assistants well informed about the developments on the job scene. The site also provides valuable resources by way of posts and articles, which potential candidates can use to make informed decisions.

According to the site, medical assistant certification courses are available under the supervision of the American Association of Medical Assistants. It is also important to have formal training in a broad set of skills along with the certification. “Professionals who specialize in carrying out work related to back office support and have extensive knowledge of medical coding processes and insurance processing are in demand than assistants who help doctors provide hands-on help to the patients,” says a website representative.

According to the website, candidates have 60 months from their date of graduation to apply for inclusion in the medical assistants’ examination. After 60 months, they are not eligible to pursue the course.

“Candidates can appear for the test up to three times to pass the course. If they fail to clear the test within three attempts, they are simply ineligible for any more attempts,” a senior website official clarified.

According to the lowest medical assistant salary at present is around $20,750 with an industry average of around $28,650. The best professionals can potentially earn $ 39,970 at the highest levels. There is also information provided on the site about medical salaries by industry. The psychiatric and substance abuse hospitals have the industry average of $46,430 while the office of dentists offers medical assistants a salary of $35,920. Assistants working at scientific research institutes can earn an average salary of $33,810 while specialty hospital assistants can look forward to salary earnings of $33,750 on average.

According to the website, medical assistant salaries vary by geographical locations and the healthcare environment that they work in. The median salary for medical assistants in 2009, according to the US Dept. of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics was $29,450. Visit for more detailed information about medical assistant salary or medical assistant certification.


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