The dead-end of our human imagination

Leading Paragraph: 
The Independent Institute of Education’s (The IIE) Vega School of Brand Leadership (Vega)

Simply put arms, weapons and war are the dead-end of the human imagination; the end of being human and the beginning of being inhuman. The huge elephant sitting in the world is the armaments industry.

What if we applied the human imagination to prohibiting and abolishing the manufacturing of all instruments of destruction - all guns, tanks, cannons, revolvers and machine guns? This should begin immediately with a prohibition of all children’s toys and games linked to the making war. What are we doing when we give a three year old a plastic gun?

More light needs to be shone on the dark, murky global industry of arms manufacturing. Even though there has been an apparent decline in global spending on arms, it is estimated that over $1.5 trillion are spent on manufacturing worldwide. Clearly, we have a multibillion dollar international arms trade generally lacking in transparency.

The modern arms industry arose in the second half of the 19th century with the creation of large military orientated industrial companies about which we know very little. Governments may come and go, but the arms industry shoots on. It’s time to question this.

Accepting the manufacture of arms as a reality is denying the reality of the human imagination. We can surely think our way out of confrontation and conflict? The reason we have arms is that people in high places have vested economic and political interest in fuelling physical conflicts.

I propose we begin the dialogue around the question, “How do we start a global movement to lobby and protest against all companies manufacturing guns, bombs and bullets?” Let’s get the ball rolling by demanding the complete transparency of manufacturing companies, their export destinations and the deals made between them and governments.

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