Introduction: The word usually refers to various media forms of communication. Different types of media available worldwide. They can range from advertising to digital media to electronic media, mass media to multimedia, media show media, print media and published in many other communication channels. Each media group pays the full attention of his advertising. There are many ways to promote media literacy, but none is greater than the media labels. They are ideal for marketing your channel.

Salient features of the product: Available in 2, 6, 8 and 16 media labels per A4 sheet. Chosen in different sizes, namely 117 (17) mm diameter, 79 (17) mm, width 83 mm x 59 mm high, 117 (41) mm in diameter, and many other variables. They are usually used in various fields of media such as film, fashion, models, CD and DVD industry. Free download-able template options are available.

Made of durable white paper is glossy and matte. Permanent adhesive is available in different colors, ie, dull red, yellow, pastel yellow, green, light green, blue, orange, pink, red and many other colors. More importantly, his secular media labels popular products through transparent materials and special care. CD and DVD labels are suitable for copiers, inkjet and laser
they are self-adhesive, removable and user-friendly products. To help improve the image. Provide better sales. Ensure that client fulfillment. A variety of materials are available, ie, matte white, luxury-white, matte white opaque, white and other recycled materials. Strengthening the competitiveness of firms. Media sizes, custom labels are ideal for the valued customers.
Personalized labels are wider media business development within a limited time. They are cheap and easy to use.

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