Austin, TX, 06 January 2012 : This is not just another piece of advice. It comes from Network Systems Resale, a reputed Austin based global seller of pre-owned network hardware. They've advised businesses to trim expenses underlining the saying that every dollar saved is a dollar earned. One of the ways you can do that is to curtail your IT budget and that does not mean compromising on quality. Used IT equipment, when procured from the right source, can be as effective as the brand new one.


Discussing it, a senior executive working with them stated, “There remains a stubborn aversion to buying used equipment. The fear of pre-scheduled failure permeates IT departments, despite the fact that refurbished equipment is rigorously tested to meet original manufacturer specifications. However, if you just follow the simple rule of knowing your vendor, it is unlikely that you'll face any major problem.”


Network Systems Resale deals in new as well as gently-used hardware equipment. All networking equipment that the company sources is meticulously tested at their state-of-the-art facility. Experienced engineers on their team ensure that only the equipment that is in impeccable working condition goes to the market. They offer efficient customer service as well that makes the purchase decision for the clients less stressful.


The company has taken steps to assure the clients that the equipment is an economically-savvy investment. As the executive put it, “We offer adequate compensation in terms of warranties to our clients. Our standard 90-day full replacement warranty on every purchase with extended warranty options of up to 1-year is good enough to allay the apprehensions of our clients.”


Network Systems Resale deals in the equipment of leading manufacturers like Cisco, HP, Foundry, Juniper, 3COM, and Nortel. Used Cisco equipment is always in demand, thanks to its impeccable quality. With their steady service, they make clients realize that saving money on IT purchase is possible.


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Network Systems Resale has carved a niche for itself for selling best quality used Cisco equipment as well as hardware offered by other manufacturers. IT equipment is considered worthy of deployment only after thorough inspection by the experts. As a provider of reliable and cost-savvy networking equipment, they are recognized across the world.


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