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We have previously mentioned that Zidan Marketing offers video marketing services. We haven’t gone into detail on the many benefits this type of marketing has. The possibilities and benefits from video marketing are endless.



Video marketing gives your business the ability to create these commercials on a shoestring budget. Keep in mind the videos still need to appeal to your marketing audience.

You can create a “mini series” in which several videos go together, advertising your product while creating viewer interest. You have control over what you film and how long you make it. You don’t have the issue of paying per advertising slot.


Being that there are so many different options with video marketing there is one thing to focus on. Make you video worth watching. This can be done by either making your advertisements entertaining, informative, or both.

Video marketing can also be used to address customer service issues.


Again the options and opportunities are endless. Make sure you target your market audience appropriately. Your content should be suitable for all ages.


Another factor equally important as the quality of your advertisement, is the distribution. Today’s market provides endless avenues to promote your videos. The primary social marketing avenues including: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, & Google+ are essential. Also social bookmarking sites i.e. Digg, Stumbleupon, and Delicious are essential. However your marketing efforts should extend beyond these platforms.
Do your due diligence researching effective marketing avenues for your videos. It is imperative your videos be advertised on the proper channels to properly portray your company’s image.


At Zidan Marketing & Media, we have extensive experience in both the creation and implementation of video marketing. 

Contact us at: info@zidanmarketing.com (813) 395-9534 or http://www.zidanmarketing.com with any additional questions about video marketing or any other marketing question you may have. Mention our blog and for a free marketing assessment.