Facebook may have begun its virtual life as a way for college students to connect, but these days, its marketing value to big business is real and measurable. In a recent interview, Facebook advertising expert, Jennifer Sheahan, revealed why.
The internet is a dynamic environment that is offering businesses, of all sizes, an increasing number of marketing opportunities. The potential of Facebook Advertising has already been identified and leveraged by many savvy small businesses owners – the early adopters – but, according to Facebook advertising expert, Jennifer Sheahan big business has been very slow to act.
“Many big companies and larger business entrust their advertising and marketing to traditional agencies, most of whom are unfamiliar with Facebook advertising .” explains Ms Sheahan. “Because they don’t ‘get’ it, or don’t know how to implement it, they do not include FB ads in the marketing plans they compile for their clients.”
This, according to Sheahan, is allowing an unprecedented opportunity for smaller players to steal website traffic, and, ultimately sales, from competitors whose advertising spend they could not otherwise compete. And, she says, it is working.
Why Facebook Advertising? 
Ms Sheahan, who provides both training and a done-for-you services through her business FBAdsLab, believes that when it comes to Facebook marketing, three key facts illustrate why well-planned FB ads campaigns are so successful:
Audience: There is an estimated 600 million active Facebook users, worldwide, and the site is translated into many different languages.
Exposure: Recent studies show that the average user spends at least 7 hours every week on Facebook – more than enough time to capture their attention with a sidebar image ad.
Laser Targeting: In compiling your FB ad, it is possible to nominate finely targeted demographics, thereby zeroing in on your prospects by age, sex, keyword or ‘likes’ – in fact by whatever information users have provided Facebook about themselves.
Learn or Outsource To Experts 
While there are some similarities between Google’s Adwords PPC (Pay Per Click) system and Facebook Ads, Jennifer Sheahan says that it is the differences that are important.
“The theory is the same as regular PPC, but Facebook marketing has its own nuances. It has different rules, requirements and targeting capabilities” she explained. “Understanding these is important if your campaign is to bring you the qualified leads that are the Holy Grail of any pay per click advertising strategy.”
Because Facebook ads are a relatively new concept, it is not surprising that few marketing and ad agencies have mastered it. But that, says Sheahan, is no reason for large businesses and companies to shy away from it.
“FBadsLab is perfectly placed to help companies tap into their their target market, on a campaign by campaign basis, through Facebook advertising. We offer coaching, which is proving popular with advertising and marketing agency staff, and can create and manage a complete FB ads campaign.”
More information about Jennifer Sheahan and Facebook Advertising visit http://www.fbadslab.com
About FBAdsLab.com 
FBadsLAB is a full-service ad agency specializing in Facebook PPC ads.
Founded in 2010 by Jennifer Sheahan, the FBAdsLab has been helping all businesses – big and small, in a variety of niches to perfect their Facebook ad campaigns.
Throughout years of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising success and strategy development, Jennifer has amassed a wealth of information, refined techniques and technical know-how. It is this experience that she has drawn upon to develop the unique and very effective service that is FBadsLAB.
With FBadsLAB, Jennifer and her team invite you to choose the approach that best fits your needs, budget, and business model: Training, Coaching or Campaign Management.