The Aichi International guarantee is a prime statement of safety standards and quality control; acknowledged as the best in the fishing industry. The quality assurance team works alongside the export department with a network of the world’s best fresh fish distributors. Multiple safety checks throughout Aichi International operations ensure consistency and peace of mind.
This commitment to quality accompanies sustainable fishing practices. Aichi International Fishing is committed to protecting the sustainability of the world’s seafood supply. The company does not supply endangered species and continually participates in numerous conservation efforts.
Established as a family managed business, Aichi International Fishing Exports has diversified operations based on continuing demands from a satisfied and loyal customer base. The company uses its strategic location and efficient supply chain to ensure products are delivered on time consistently and guaranteed to meet the quality expectations that clients are accustomed to.
In accordance with HACCP and European Union regulations, Aichi International Fishing Exports invests in state-of-the-art technology and equipment to deliver better-quality products to its valued customer base. All operational units are developed to surpass these regulations, undergo regular inspections and currently maintain a production capacity of 400 tonnes of seafood products per month.
The Aichi International workforce is exceptionally organised and knowledgeable. For over 20 years, this exporter has successfully produced and supplied quality seafood products to clients and businesses in more than 30 countries worldwide; a solid reputation and commercial reliability that is second to none.
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