Roadways are in safe hands with fmcsa drug testing

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The government of US is extremely cautious about the well-being and safety of the passengers travelling by public transport.

The government of US is extremely cautious about the well-being and safety of the passengers travelling by public transport. For the proper following of the rules and regulations, in 1991, it passed the Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act, which requires the employees of all public transport to pass out this test to stay in the job. It also recruited several agencies that would carry on the fmcsa drug testing on the government’s behalf and assist the employers in conducting these tests. The best agencies have all the facilities to carry them out, so that the employers are also assured that their employees are free from any drugs. The drug testing program for dot is carried out on various stages and in different ways. The 49 CFR Part 40 states clearly how to conduct these tests and come to a valid conclusion.

The testing of a truck driver is done by the fmcsa drug testing agencies. The FMCSA or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration had clearly laid down rules for the drivers of the commercial buses and trucks regarding alcohol and drug use. These drivers have commercial license to drive heavy vehicles and are subjected to drug testing as they would put a lot of life on danger, if they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. All the more, they drive heavy commercial vehicles, which are difficult to control, if they are not driven in healthy physical and mental conditions.

The drug testing program for dot starts with the specimen collection where the professional and reliable team from the best government-approved agencies takes the samples of the employees for testing. It may be testing for illicit drugs or for alcohol, but it is mandatory for all employees to participate in that. Many a times, not all employees are tested but are randomly selected when some of them might have to go through the test. Some may also be under suspicion for drug and alcohol consumption and can be tested to get the correct results.

The regulations that are laid down during fmcsa drug testing clearly indicate about when and who is being tested and under what circumstances. The rules are made keeping in view about the privacy policies of the employees too. According to 49 CFR Part 382, the employees can get to know about the alcohol use and FMCSA-controlled drugs and the testing procedures.

Employees who are employed in the motor vehicle industry and are on road for most of their times, there is a big question on their health. The drug testing program for dot has breath alcohol testing program which makes sure that the employee is not under the influence of alcohol or drugs while performing their jobs. Their BAC or blood alcohol content should not be more than 0.04 and they should not be driving if they had consumed alcohol within four hours of their driving.

The fmcsa drug testing not only assures the public of safe transportation but the drug testing program for dot ensures the safety of the employees also.
The fmcsa drug testing benefits the employees and public, thus making drug testing program for dot a successful venture.

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