Due to the weakened economy, people have been forced to cut down their expenses just to make ends meet.


Due to the weakened economy, people have been forced to cut down their expenses just to make ends meet.

This is according to Shelter, an online advisor that calls on those who are dealing with housing costs to find early advice so they can avoid putting their homes at risk.  According to the organization, 22% have cut down their gas and electricity expenses just to pay their rent or mortgage. And over 34% spent less on food just to cover other housing costs. Campbell Robb, Chief Executive of Shelter said that with these findings, more people are in danger of losing their homes.

However, property investment expert Rick Otton believes that home ownership should not be a burden to the people. “Owning a home should be a rewarding experience, not a problem. It is disturbing how people are reducing their budget for basic necessities just to cover their monthly mortgage or rent, ” he said.

“The banks have made home purchasing complicated, with the strict requirements and mortgage payment process. That is why I formulated my property investment strategies to enable ordinary people to buy house without bank, and no mortgage hassles,” he continued.

Rick Otton is well known for introducing revolutionary property investment techniques that do not rely on bank loans or huge deposits.  His strategies have been widely embraced by several countries because of its practicality and adaptability.  For more than thirty years now, Mr. Otton has been teaching his students how to create a property portfolio through positive gearingthrough his seminars and bootcamps. He also provides tips and real estate advice through his websites and podcasts.

“With the current economic situation, it will be harder for home buyers to buy property through bank loans. The banks are now reluctant to lend unless the applicant is stable financially. So creative real estate is now gaining more popularity as more and more home buyers and investors are turning to alternative property  options,” said Mr. Otton.

With Mr.Otton’s strategies, home buyers are no longer restricted by monthly mortgage payments and are able to accomplish financial freedom. Read here to know more about his property options: http://www.rickotton.co.uk/sales-page