The UK economy is now sliding downhill.


The UK economy is now sliding downhill.

Official figures have revealed that activity in the UK economy has slowed down during the last quarter of last year, as the eurozone crisis continues to threaten the country’s financial stability.  With the  second recession at our doorstep, only a bleak economic future awaits the UK and the rest of the members of the coalition.

As the Euro trouble drags down worldwide economy, property guru Rick Otton believes that contingency plans should be executed to cushion the effects of the crisis and bring the economy back to its feet. He also believes that new investment opportunities would be the key to the economic revival.

“With the Eurozone crisis dragging our economy down, we should employ new strategies, new ideas to stimulate our financial recovery.  Discovering new investments would greatly pull up our economy,”  Mr. Otton said.

Rick  Otton is recognized as an innovation leader for his introduction of cutting-edge property investment strategies in the real estate market. For more than thirty years, Mr. Otton has continuously challenged the existing system of real estate investing.

“I have been teaching my students how to make money in real estate without the need for bank loans and huge cash for deposit. My strategies are flexible that it can be employed by various types of people from all walks of life—from professional investors, to ordinary office workers and even your regular man on the street,”  he said.

“Investing should not be exclusive to people with money or to people who are employed,” Mr. Otton declared. “If investment opportunities are revealed to the public, I believe that this will help alleviate our economic situation,” he continued.

Mr. Otton’s strategies have been formulated  during the Savings and Loans Crisis of the late 1980’s and early 90’s in Texas, where a majority of the banking system has collapsed.  Using his non-conventional techniques, Mr. Otton has built himself a solid property portfolio during his first year in property investment, and his assets grew exponentially since then. 

“I believe that by employing the same strategies that I have created thirty years ago under the same economic conditions, this country can ride out this financial crisis and gradually recover.  Real estate investing will put on the brakes to our backsliding economy,” said Mr. otton.

Mr. Otton shares his techniques through seminars and  his websites where he regularly givesreal estate advice. You can read up more here: