Playa del Carmen Real Estate News – New Bridges Complete

 Playa del Carmen real estate has recently received very big news; a series of new highway bridges over the main intersections near downtown have been completed.  The new bridges will allow for improved traffic flow in the area and greatly benefit residents. The new bridges, which were started during 2010, have come in response to the city’s growth, increasing traffic, and increasing tourism throughout the region.  The main highway, which runs from Cancun through Playa del Carmen to Tulum and beyond, was at one time located outside of the main town.  Now, with significant growth as the heart of Latin America’s most successful tourism region, and one of Latin America’s fastest growing communities, a significant amount of development has appeared on the other side of this highway, including shopping areas which hold appeal for expat residents. Likewise new developments of Playa del Carmen condos for saleas well as homes have been appearing at the north and south of the city, where residents use the highway to access both the new shopping areas as well as downtown. The emergence of the Cancun-Playa del Carmen-Tulum stretch as Latin America’s leading tourism region, with Cancun international airport providing the sole access by air to the area, tourist transportation and related traffic has increased significantly, along with that of local residents. For these reasons, the bridges were necessary in order to prevent congestion at the city’s main highway intersections, allowing both for the free passage of visitors and workers, as well as minimizing wait times at traffic lights for intersecting city streets. Tulum real estateis another market to benefit significantly since, as mentioned above, this highway through Playa del Carmen currently offers the only access to Cancun International Airport.  Although plans for another airport are underway in Tulum, currently Cancun is the only access by air. With the bridges complete, the trip through Playa del Carmen has now been diminished to about 5 minutes.  This will cut down travel time significantly for residents living at the north of the city, entering downtown or the new shopping areas, as well as for real estate buyers in Tulum.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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