Moss Removal Services For Homes And Commercial Buildings

Moss buildup is often a problem for many homeowners, particularly those who live in places that can become extremely moist and humid. In such places, it can rain quite a bit, and the result of all this is the moss. It is really essential that the homeowner is able to stay on top of the problem because the moss can grow very quickly. It can quickly eat up the walls, the roof, and even the foundation. As a result, the building looks bad and is seriously damaged. Acrotech Cleaning Systems of Surrey, BC, has just introduced a cleaning service that is specially meant to get rid of moss to ensure the health of the construction. The company’s moss removal service has already become quite popular in the area.

Acrotech achieves moss removal through steam cleaning and power washing or pressure washing. Steam cleaning is more than just cleaning the surface. The trucks are equipped with the most modern high-pressure steam-cleaning equipment. The Hotsy steam cleaning system is able to remove the mold and fungus better, as it uses lower-pressure water. This can minimize the impact on paint and cement finishes as well. It has double advantage as the moss goes away completely and the paint remains intact. This also achieves better longer-term results. Once the moss removal job is complete, the building looks as if it has been repainted.

Power or pressure washing is also able to get rid of moss and accumulated dirt effortlessly. The company always uses environment-friendly detergents.

There is already a lot of demand for the cleaning and moss removal service offered by Acrotech Cleaning Systems. That’s because an increasing number of homeowners today realizes that they need to think beyond just the aesthetic issues. They need to seriously think about how to enhance the life of the construction by taking adequate care. In spite of keeping extremely body, Acrotech is still accepting new clients at this time. An appointment can be booked easily. The company management is asking homeowners to do so at the website, and assures them that an appointment can be booked in less than 60 seconds on the Internet. Those who do not want to do this can call up the company for an appointment or to discuss their maintenance needs.

Acrotech Cleaning Systems also offers gutter cleaning, window washing, roof cleaning, and property maintenance services apart from their moss removal services. The company offers a full range of commercial and industrial maintenance programs that meets the exact needs and budget of a customer. The annual maintenance contract includes each aforementioned service. The company offers a customized quote based on the property, its size, and the cleaning and maintaining challenges to be faced.

About Acrotech Cleaning Systems: Acrotech Cleaning Systems is a leading home-maintenance company in British Columbia. Acrotech offers gutter cleaning, window washing, pressure washing, power washing, roof cleaning, and moss removal services. Please visit for more information or to make an appointment.


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