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For immediate release                                                                                                                                      


Date: 24-11-2011


Launch of


Gold today has shown a tremendous increment in its historical rate and has been a favorite of Indian Buyers. This yellow metal has proved it as one of the safest method of investment by its varying rates. In order to keep users and investors aware of the fluctuations in gold prices Gold Cochin web team has come up with a new web portal called .


To keep users acquainted with the rates of bullion metals in Cochin the web portal features gold prices according to its karats starting from 16k to 24k. Gold Cochin also brings 30 days gold price high and low, Silver price and 30 days Silver price high and low. Again to keep its users in contact with the regular changes the web site mentions live spot gold prices and silver prices.


To make the investors clearly understand the fluctuations in gold rates Gold Cochin is tagged with gold charts. These charts specify the ups and downs in gold price in last 30 days in the form of graph. These charts play an important role in leading the investors to have a safe and profitable investment because through this chart investors get a chance to have a proper research on the bullion markets of Cochin.


Gold Cochin has gone a step ahead by featuring details on other bullion metals like platinum and palladium. The web site is built with simple navigations and options for easy access of its web pages by the navigators. In order to provide exact, relevant and updated news the web portal is upgraded with strong Web Management System. This allows the site to make essential changes in its contents, navigations and features as per the need of users and changing market strategies.


Looking to strengthen its information delivery model Gold Cochin ahs incorporated social apps like Facebook, twitter and RSS feeds. Users can easily follow site’s social accounts for latest updates on bullion metals. The web portal is also equipped with SMS alert option to keep its users updated with regular changes in bullion markets.


Gold Cochin also plans to come up with comparative information on gold and silver price today and in coming days. This data will guide the investors to fix their strategies beforehand.


Hence to have a complete knowledge and to stay in touch with the bullion markets of Cochin go through the regular updates in the pages of Gold Cochin.


Keep writing your views and feedbacks on our website. Do write all your doubts and queries if any regarding our web portal we will try our best to sort it out.



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