CITIZEN announces the launch of the flagship models in CITIZEN L. The diamond watches that are filled with luxuriant elegance represent the beauty of the series. The CITIZEN L series combines a design inspired by the beauty of nature with the innovative Eco-Drive function. CITIZEN L watches can be worn for a lifetime, unaffected by passing trends. CITIZEN L line aspires to be a presence that brings day-by-day sparkle and vitality to how a woman lives her life. With this launch, the new diamond watch becomes the CITIZEN L brand’ s crowning glory, and the utmost in capital-L luxury that these watches represent.


The product concept: the metamorphoses of nature.

Reflecting in its design the value of this timepiece, there is an openable bezel, incorporating the bud-shaped crown, which is hinged and able to be raised—its gentle contours symbolizing the seamless succession of nature’ s infinitesimal changes. Furthermore, the ring is encompassed by diamonds in descending order of size, that seem to grow with every change of perspective, evoking the image of morning dew drops on a leaf. When adjusting the time, the outer ring can be raised and the crown turned. The moment the ring is replaced generates the new thrill of seeing the world back in motion. Of the dial options, the mother of pearl engraved with organic, blossoming flower designs makes for a heightened aura of opulence. Eco-Drive brings to “CITIZEN L” the concept of a world driven by natural light. With this watch we wish to bring to women Eco-Drive technology in their daily lives. CITIZEN L does this with a sense of glamour, and supreme ease of use. The slim case feels at home on the wrist, and the smoothness of the wristband is the touch of comfort itself.


CITIZEN L – the timepiece that reflects the dazzle and zest of the woman who wears it.


Product Specifications


Ref                                         EX1120-53X, EX1122-58D, EX1120-02E


Case                                      32.6mm case in stainless steel, 19 diamonds


Water Resistance             5 Bar


Movement                           Cal.B023

                                                Eco-Drive : Operates for 1 year after fully charged



Dial                                         Pearl beige, Mother of pearl, Black



Band                                     316L stainless steel, 316L stainless steel, Calfskin





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