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Blog or weblog is a forum where you can give free expression to your thoughts and feelings. You can write on any topic and can simply express yourself or make a living out of it.

Blog or weblog is a forum where you can give free expression to your thoughts and feelings. You can write on any topic and can simply express yourself or make a living out of it. But, you must have knowledge about the topic or be passionate about it to express yourself freely and fluently. There are certain technicalities you need to be aware of when you wish to create blog. You don’t need to be an expert in creating websites or in writing codes, there are numerous websites dedicated to create free blog. The entire process is outlined in simple, easy-to-follow steps.

A blog is essentially a website hosted in the internet where you can discuss or write on any topic. Each entry or post that you write appears in a definite order with more recent one getting higher placement. Blogs can be where a single user expresses his/her views or one where a number of writers or bloggers share their views. Topics can be ranging from something technical, arts, music, sports to film or can be simply anything you wish to create blog about. You can update it daily like a diary or journal entry or once a week. You can create free blog to share information on any topic with a larger audience.

When you decide to create blog, you have to start thinking about hosting it too. You can choose a blogging platform which is free. You can use one of their sub domains to host your blog and this will be reflected in the address of your blog. Most of these free platforms have numerous features to help new bloggers. Even if you are not aware of codes for web hosting you can use the many themes and plug-ins provided free. This in return helps you to maintain regular control over your blog. Along with option to create free blog you can display advertisements on your website and earn revenue.

When you create free blog a major challenge is to choose a domain name. Just as in the world of advertising, your domain name should be attractive and easy to remember. It should not be very big or cumbersome but something that is easy to remember, for better recall value. You might have to pay for registering your domain name before you create blog. Free blogging sites are very user friendly like most applications on internet. Currently there are blogs which are professionally edited and where multiple authors write. These are from diverse media sources like newspaper, educational institutions or groups advocating social causes.

You don’t need technical expertise today to create blog. Publishing tools used for internet have simplified blogging for common people who have no technical knowledge. Majority of create free blog service providers have the option of interaction between author and reader. This makes it similar to social network platforms where comments and messages can be posted. Blogs can support images, video and music clips along with text. Blogs are a great new marketing tool in the hands of companies as they create blogs on topics which are closely related to their products. If you have a penchant for writing, then start your own blog on a topic close to your heart.
Create blog with simple user friendly techniques. Create free blog and let your creativity soar.

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