In today's economic climate we are all far too aware of the limited availability of jobs. Those of us who are lucky enough to be in work are increasingly at a higher risk of losing their job. In addition to this, the cost of living in the UK has become so high that if you did lose your job or became too ill to work then being able to pay the bills and keep up with the mortgage can become a real struggle. Without income protection many people who are no longer able to work may find themselves selling their treasured possessions just to pay the bills; possessions that have most likely been built up over the years through your own hard work. One can only imagine how traumatic and devastating it can be selling these precious items to pay the mortgage following partial or full loss of income.
If you have children, then income protection is a necessity should you feel you do not have the job security that you need. If you were to lose your job and it became a struggle to pay the bills, then how can you afford to support your children and the financial demands they put on you?
We can offer a wealth of professional advice and assistance to help you with the right income protection that you can afford. If you are about to face a pay cut or reduction in your working hours then you can be assured that with income protection your finances will not be affected.
Income protection is quick and simple to set up and will give peace of mind that if anything happened to your employment situation, that you would still be financially secure and protected.
We take every measure possible to ensure that you have a tailored protection plan that in the event that you can no longer work due to illness, injury or the loss of your job, that you can still meet payments on utility bills, personal loans and mortgage or rent payments. We also offer flexibility with all income protection plans to ensure there is a policy that will suit your circumstances, and where you can also have the freedom of choice to decide the best way to pay your premiums over the course of the year. Furthermore, you policy can be amended at any time to add a selection of additional benefits that may become of interest to you.
The primary aim of our income protection insurance is to make certain that should the worst happen, you could maintain your current lifestyle as much as possible. All plans are bespoke designed to provide you with a liveable income based on your current occupation, outgoings and benefit level required. All clients are offered the choice of paying their premiums on a monthly or an annually basis, whatever is most convenient.
Sadly, very few occupations offer complete job security in the current financial climate. Unless you are outrageously rich then it is basically impossible to achieve complete lifetime financial security. With income protection you needn't worry about yourself and your family's welfare. We offer the best service possible to ensure that you find the right policy and premiums that suit your budget, timescales and lifestyle.
Let the team of experienced professional advisors and underwriters do all the hard work for you and set up your protection plan today, giving you the peace of mind you deserve. It can be heartbreaking to work for years to build yourself a nice and comfortable life, to then be thrust into financially difficulty following the loss of you job. Don't let yourself get in such a devastating situation where you may have to consider selling what you have worked so many years to achieve. Get a quick and simple quote today and see for yourself how easy it can be to give yourself true financially security for your family and yourself.