Easy Search India offers best Payroll Processing

A payroll processing business is one that offers payroll and other financial services to businesses large and small. They employ a number of people who are fully qualified in various financial disciplines needed by businesses to process their payroll needs. Easy Source- a division of Easy Search India is a proficient outsourced payroll service provider. We have our In-house Payroll & Compliances Management Team with latest technology & software. Our team comprises of Payroll executives, in house consultants for statutory compliance, accounts professionals to ensure smooth and error free monthly payroll cycle. We provide payroll processing facilities to businesses large and small. Advantages of Outsourcing Payroll Processing Services Outsourcing payroll processing offers phenomenal advantages to the corporate sector, especially the small and medium sized businesses. Some of the advantages are: 

  1. Cost Reduction: Direct costs for payroll processing are much higher than costs of outsourcing payrolls.
  2. No Penalties: Outsourcing payrolls frees you from worrying about fines and penalties. It is believed that 40% of small businesses pay penalties for late or incorrect filings. Many payroll services provide a tax guarantee and make sure that there would be no fines and if there are take responsibility for them. For this reason alone, payroll outsourcing is cost justified.
  3. Brings Fun back into Business: When payrolls are outsourced the tedious and painful chore of doing payrolls is off your head. This frees you to look into the aspects of your business which you enjoy.
  4. Lowers Risk Potential: Doing payrolls on your own can be risky, as along with working on your core-issues you need to look into confusing aspects of payroll making like, update tax tables, locate forms, submit reports and make payments. This distracts one from the business at hand and at the same time increases the risk of mistakes in the payroll.
  5. Walkouts Don’t Matter: Losing an employee who does the payroll to a new job is no longer a worry if you outsource payrolls.
  6. Experts at your Service: Payroll expertise of the payroll service employed is at your beck and call, so you no longer have to keep track of the constantly changing rules, forms, etc.
  7. Compliance Management: Compliances are the very foundation of our outsourcing values. We comply with all statutory requirements and our systems are regularly updated to reflect changing regulations. We ensure and check all the compliances are being fulfilled on time and our clients are also updated.

 How we work?Easy Search India assigns a member of its team of payroll professionals to work in partnership with you to be sure our payroll service complements your business systems. We provide a flexible service that will respect your preferences, systems and methods of working. We will begin by establishing a program of work for each pay cycle that suits you and the demands of your company. We will manage your payroll to ensure timely and secure payment every payday, and to ensure you meet your obligations as an employer to the authorities. Our company will deal with ESI, PF, Bonus Gratuity, Super Annulations, Tax Calculations and provide payroll reports to meet your accounting and management requirements.

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