Trusted Vanguard Cleaning Systems In Orlando Offers Commercial Cleaning Solutions

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Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Central Florida offers state-of-the-art janitorial services and products to area customers. Customized services for products, time schedule and services are available by consultation.

Orlando FL, 01-OCTOBER-2014 - Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Central Florida is pleased to announce that it is a well-respected and reliable commercial cleaning organization with a focus on building and retaining the trust of its customers. The reputation of the Orlando janitorial services firm dates back to the formation of the parent company in 1984. The concern with providing reliable services has enabled Vanguard to count more than 14,000 satisfied customers.

The features that make Vanguard outstanding include its dedicated customer service people. Interaction with customers is not a sideline, Customer service personnel are a critical part of the staffing for each franchise. Customers look to the professionals in the business to provide answers to questions, particularly where there are special needs.

The customer may want to arrange a customized cleaning schedule in order to cause the least disruption of the working hours. There may be a need for avoid certain types of cleaning products for customers who suffer from allergies to certain substances. Many consumers today are focused on using products and methods which are environmentally safe and friendly. Vanguard personnel can answer questions about these requirements, as well as others.

The cleaning techniques, products and equipment used by the professionals at Vanguard are state of the art. The janitorial staff is experienced and trained to use them correctly. Where specialized techniques are required, customers can depend on the correct application being provided.

Integrity is another feature that is part of the standards offered by Vanguard. Offices where there is sensitive information stored or used regularly are safe from misuse or misapplication of such data.

Learn more about the commercial cleaning services available to customers by visiting the web pages online at today. Members of the press and those who have further questions about the contents of this press release are encouraged to contact the company at the location listed below.

Company Name: Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Central Florida
Address: 5401 South Kirkman Road, Suite 310, Orlando, FL 32819
Contact Telephone Number: (407) 373-6058
Contact Fax Number: (407) 926-0238

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