Tax Filers Turn to Online Tax Services to Make Filing Easy

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Services like TurboTax simplify jargon, coach taxpayers through process

Oct 13, 2014) Online tax preparation services have grown in their sophistication and revolutionized the way taxpayers file their yearly income tax returns and are saving Americans untold hours and uncertainty filling out forms. The IRS reports that 117 million Americans used some form of electronic filing in 2014, accounting for nearly 87% of all returns.

Just a decade ago, the annual ritual of properly filling out a yearly tax return was an ordeal that required hours of research, reading through complex IRS instruction manuals, and making a trip to the post office-- or at the very least setting up an appointment with an experienced preparer to do it for you.

Yet in a relatively few years, the increasing sophistication of tax preparation software and online services has transformed the process into a much less stressful and hassle-free experience, while adding greater accuracy and precision.

Software and online services like TurboTax take the guesswork and stressful uncertainty out of filing, using step-by-step questions in plain English to determine which forms to use and which deductions are available. These powerful programs have the ability to quickly populate the forms with required information, continuously check the returns for accuracy, and file both state and federal returns electronically.

“Using this system to file your taxes is all about getting the maximum number of deductions and reducing your payment obligation,” according to the tax prep blog “They will automatically fill in forms based on last year’s information and ask if anything has changed to ensure accuracy.

All of your data is secure, perfectly private and saved in their system in case you have to stop the tax process and come back to it later.” offers reviews of various electronic tax filing software and products, including discount coupons.

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