Falls Church, VA, 29 December 2011 : Bay Business Group, an accounting services group in Virginia, is offering 24/7 online success to financial reports to clients. Businesses and non-profit organizations in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland can outsource their bookkeeping to them, availing their reliable and cost-effective bookkeeping services.


Talking about it, a bookkeeping professional working with them said, “In fact, it is the fear of losing control over valuable data that restricts organizations from outsourcing bookkeeping. However, we do assure you of anytime access to your data. When you are working with us, your data is as accessible and secure as possible. You just need an Internet enabled device to access the data using your username and password.”


Objective of Bay Business is to encourage more and more clients to outsource their bookkeeping task to the company. Their point is that using the Internet technology, one can simply pass on the hard job of bookkeeping to the specialists while focusing energy on doing their core business. In a fraction of the cost they would have taken when having a regular bookkeeper on staff, they can outsource the work. It saves them money as well as time to outsource.


As the professional further said, “We do not undertake the bookkeeping work for the sake of doing it. Businesses get access to accurate, timely and appropriate financial records useful for decision-making. Any time they need it, they can access it and download. In fact, it is as good as having them in a computer in your own office.”


Records businesses can access online include Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Reconciled General Ledger. Bay Business Group prepare management reports including Accounts Receivable Aging, Accounts Payable Aging, Check Register, Cash Flow reports and Cash Receipts journal. They provide outsourced accounting services on a fixed monthly fee with no surprise bills.


About Bay Business Group, LLC


Bay Business Group, LLC, one of the leading bookkeeping firms in Virginia, is a Falls Church based company led by David Bradsher, a seasoned professional with over 25 years experience. He and his team of world class professionals are engaged in providing excellent small business bookkeeping. When you outsource to them, a professional bookkeeper and a CPA manager handle all your daily and monthly accounting needs.


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