Areca leafs are 100% Biodegradable and eco friendly to use. The sheded leaves are used to make plates and other products without chopping the trees.
The plates are perfect alternate to plastics/polymer based products and also paper based products about which the entire world is concerned about. 
Areca leaf plates and Areca Cups can be used in any occasion like parties and picnics. It does not contain any chemicals or toxic materials in it and is completely human friendly. It can be used after being stored for a long time also.
They can be used to handle any type of food like hot, wet and cool food items. They can be stored easily and is light weight to use.They are strong enough to be used even in microwave. They are odorless and tasteless and so do not affect the taste and flavor of the food items.Areca plates can be used as a table ware and dinner ware.
Areca plates have additional values after being used. Disposal plates can be good source of organic manure. They can be used as good fertilizer and enhances plant growth. They can also be used as a good animal fodder.
A 100% natural mechanism is followed for manufacturing these plates. The fallen areca leaf is collected from the farms. The Shelton of the areca leaf cleaned and soaked in water for a particular time and later sun dried. They are then compressed to different shapes using the correspondingly shaped dies. They are then packed as per the customer requirement. These plates can be used even after 6 months of storage.
Quality control:
Our product has undergone following health and saftey tests.
1. Coliform and Yeast/Mold testing.
2. Heavy metals testing.
3. Aflatoxin: B1, B2, G1, G2 (By HPLC Method).
4. Phytosanitation.
5. Fumigation.
Bio World is a sister concern of M/s Sakthi Exports.
We are in the business of eco friendly products in the industry for the past 6 years. We have a basic motive of promoting the Eco friendly environment. In the way of implementing that we are involved in the manufacturing and exporting of Bio products. By the way of promoting the bio friendly product usage, we are also employing people from rural areas for a fair wage.
Areca Leaf plates are commonly known as Areca Plate / Areca Palm Leaf Plates / Palm Leaf Plates / Bio Plate / Natural Disposable Plates / Eco friendly Bio-Degradable Dinner Plates / Kitchenware / Dinnerware. We are one of the well-known manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of areca plates and areca cups such as biodegradable plates, areca leaf plates, areca leaf disposable plates, bio plates ,Palm plates, disposable plates, arecanut plates, areca bowls and disposable utensils
We are much concerned about the quality. The products are made in the most hygienic way. We are making the QC inspection for each and every plate as part of the production. We deal with both Domestic and international market. Different quality standards are being followed based on the markets (Domestic and international).
We are proud to say that we have membership in the following organizations.
    * India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO).
    * Federation of Indian export organizations (FIEO)
    * INDO- LAC Chamber of commerce
    * 12 inch Round plate
    * 10 inch Round Plate
    * 8 inch Round Plate
    * 6 inch Round Plate
    * 4 inch Round Bowl/Cups
    * 12 inch Hexagon Plate
    * 10 inch Hexagon Plate
    * 8 inch Hexagon Plate
    * 6 inch Hexagon Plate
    * 4 inch Hexagon Bowl
    * 8 X 5 inch Rectangle Plate
    * 10 X 6 inch Rectangle plate
We Bioworld are one of the leading manufacturers of Areca leaf plate machines. Our Areca leaf plate machines are well designed to suit to do comfort work for both gents and ladies hence we are ensuring satisfaction and success to our customers.
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