The Little Gym Of Springhouse, In Ambler PA, Offers Fun Gymnastic Programs For Children Of All Ages

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The Little Gym of Springhouse provides gymnastics classes for youngsters up to age 12. Classes and other activities stress physical, mental and social growth.

Ambler PA, 25-FEBRUARY-2015 - The Little Gym of Springhouse is pleased to announce that the facility offers a range of gymnastic programs appropriate for children, regardless of the child's age and abilities. The Ambler PA childrens gymnastics programs are categorized by the age of the children, as well as by their abilities. For older children, there is also a division between the boys and girls programs. This allows each child to participate in the programs that most of interest. In addition to the learning that takes place with the structured classes, they are designed to ensure that the children have fun as well.

The gymnastics classes at the gym are in two main categories. Children from ages three to six are in one group. The classes here are focused on age appropriate moves that are also fun for the youngsters. They are active so that the children don't have time to become restive. There are opportunities for strengthening the coordination without placing unnecessary challenges which the children cannot handle physically.

Children from ages six to twelve are in a separate group. This group begins to become separated by gender abilities, as well as by the interests of the children. Not all children are interested in every gymnastic activity. However, care is taken that the each child gets enough challenge to remain interested in the various activities. Further, the activities remain fun for the children.

Each gym center maintains a three-way focus. Children are encouraged to move, to become good citizens and to be challenged mentally as well. Parents are invited to check out the classes and other activities at the gym and prepare to be impressed with the opportunities for their children.

Learn more about gymnastic classes for children by visiting the web pages online at today. Members of the press and individuals who have further questions about the contents of this press release are encouraged to contact the Little Gym at the location provided below.

Company Name: The Little Gym of Springhouse
Address: 909 N Bethlehem Pike, P. O. Box 804, Springhouse, PA 19477
Contact Telephone Number: (215) 793-4883

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