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Are you interested to play in a fantastic club intramuros golf course? Have you ever heard of villamor golf club?

Are you interested to play in a fantastic club intramuros golf course? Have you ever heard of villamor golf club? If you are indeed a golf enthusiast or if you would like to take up this sport, then do not hesitate to look online, at! This website is surely going to help you a lot!
Villamor golf club, for instance, is a terrific place to spend your free time and to recharge your batteries. The facilities of villamor golf club are excellent, here including: a clubhouse, a nice and fancy restaurant that serves solely delicious food and aromatic coffee, locker rooms, a pro shop, practice facilities, tee houses, showers, a great sauna and simply divine massage rooms, function rooms and other amenities, such as a swimming pool.
This golf club has been the host of the Philippine Masters for numerous times, being much appreciated and highly spoken of. It is well known that villamor golf club provides a lot of challenges and difficulties, making the golf players even more eager to perfect themselves. This course can be described as serene-looking, having a variety of trees like mango or pine, elevated greens, arboreal features and water hazards. It is truly a piece of Heaven, being very well taken care of and much appraised by golfers and visitors.
If you have heard of the excellent club intramuros golf course and want to give it a go, then do not hesitate to get more information about it by visiting You must know that this excellent golf course is open to the public, welcoming everyone as long as each and every visitor makes reservations at least two days before the play date. Moreover, the club intramuros golf course is without a shade of doubt going to help you improve your short game, as it can be completed in less than three hours. If it is short, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is easy to complete. There are water hazards, as well as out-of-bounds very close to the majority of wholes and, therefore, the player might find scoring to be a little bit tricky. However, golf enthusiasts can play at the club intramuros golf course from morning until dark, thus being given the opportunity to find a convenient time to practice and to enjoy playing golf with friends or family members.
If you are interested in the booking services, then you must indubitably go to, an amazing website belonging to a great company called GolfPH which deals with informing people about certain golf clubs and courses, providing them with the opportunity to gain access to play at the time they want or to let them know about golf tournaments. The full list of services include: VIP car service, tour packages, playing access to the affiliated courses, networking events, discounts off green fees, concierge service and more.
Should you be interested in going to villamor golf club  or club intramuros golf course   , then do not hesitate to get more information about them by visiting!

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