Buying Used Golf Clubs

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Used golf clubs are preferred by golfers who do not play much golf, and also those who are on a budget.

Used golf clubs are preferred by golfers who do not play much golf, and also those who are on a budget.  They are also good options for new golf players; it does not make sense to spend a lot of money on any golf equipment especially golf clubs.  As a beginner, you can’t be certain how good you will be in this sport or that you’ll learn to love it and stick to it.  However, buying used golf clubs involve careful checking of the golf club components: the club head, the shaft and the grip.
1.  Check the club heads to look for face wear.  If the golf clubs have been used for long, the center can have a shiny spot.  This is not good because the club face won’t be able to hold the golf ball well. The grooves should retain the well defined edges.  If the clubs have indentations in the clubface, don’t buy it.  They can affect negatively the ball flight.
2.  Check the other golf club components such as the golf shaft. Graphite shafts should not have indentations or worn areas that can be cause of weakness.  If you twist the grip and the head on opposite directions and you notice that there is little or no resistance, this is a sign of weakness. Steel shafts should not have signs of being bent back to shape.  See to it that the shafts in a set are all similar; the clubs will feel similar also from shot to shot.
3.  The golf grip is the third golf club components which you should also check.  There could be cracks, worn areas and splits that will require you to re-grip the clubs immediately after buying it.  If you happen to buy a used golf club that need to be re-gripped, you are actually adding an estimated $6 to $15 to your cost per club.
4.  Check the set consistency by lining up the used golf clubs and comparing one with each other. You need to be sure that they appear to belong to the original set.  The set should have similar shaft models or types from club to club.  There should also be a normal progression of length.  If the clubs are mixed and matched, it can throw off the loft progression all throughout.
5.  Check the present prices of brand new golf clubs of the same model.  Sometimes a new set of clubs are available for less than the used golf clubs. It can happen when a golfer buys a new set and after a year or two decides to re-sell.  The clubs are in excellent shape and can pass for a higher price.  In the meantime, the brand manufacturer may sell the brand new clubs for a big discount because of discontinued production, high inventory, or any other reason.  So be vigilant on current prices.
If you are shopping for used golf clubs in person, take them out for a test or a few swings before making a purchase.  All retail shops should agree to demo the clubs using real golf balls.  If they don’t, walk away and find another store.
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