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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a television series animated show that is very popular, not only among little girls, as one might expect. Surprisingly for some

  My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a television series animated show that is very popular, not only among little girls, as one might expect. Surprisingly for some, the cartoon is admired and watched nowadays by a lot of young adult men, aged 13 to 35, who like to call themselves bronies. And there is a place where they can all meet, share and celebrate their unique passion for the cartoon: the New York BronyCon.
The TV show is based on the My Little Pony toy empire which had its debut back in 1980. Since then the cartoon became incredibly popular, it generated a range of reactions, including macro images called memes which were released all over the internet for the amusement of those who didn’t find the cartoon suitable for young adults. The name they chose for themselves is the term brony which is actually a combination of two other words, “bro” and “pony”. The term gained its familiarity due to the expanding fandom that it is now mentioned in the Urban Dictionary. It describes bronies as a name typically given to the male viewers/fans of the My Little Pony show or franchise.
The My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic TV show  premiered on The Hub, a cable channel partly owned by Hasbro. Bronies became personally invested in the tiny, mythical creatures featured on the show. Techically savvy men, were drawn to the show’s characters, animation style, and ennobling themes. Some bronies started watching the show on Youtube, others used message and image board sites like 4chan to share their admiration towards My Little Pony. Bronies now have their own dedicated board on the 4chan website. They’ve branched out appreciably since 2010, organizing various meetings around the world.
Some people might blame the media for the image a brony has. When interviewed one brony said "The media has noticed the Bronies and Brony community recently, and a lot of reports and stories have already been made. In every single case of someone from the media reporting on bronies, it gave people horrible, horrible impressions. I'm not saying they intended it, but that's how it ended up." In July, Howard Stern explored the topic of bronies on his radio show. It didn't take long for the shock jock to begin mocking the community. After that Jerry Springer put out a casting call via Twitter inviting bronies to join his show.
Andrew Benage, media liaison for BronyCon doesn’t believe that the media has a vendetta against the community. "For the most part, the media has been on our side," he said. "You've got Howard Stern and a few others that will always comment on everybody and on everything, but in general, it's helped." 
It's tough to find fault with a show that champions happiness, joy, love, and friendship. You don't have to watch the cartoon to understand why good-minded people would embrace its message. Benage admits there are various reasons — be it the art, the music, or the writing — why a brony may latch on to My Little Pony. But he certainly agrees that it benefits a lot of people, it stimulates the market and that no one should see it as being negative for anyone.
All this begs the question: Does the world need more bronies? If an influx in adult men watching talking ponies can contribute to a more benevolent, loving society, then perhaps the answer is yes.
If you are a true brony  you definitely need the currency of the Great Land of Equestria! Be one of the bronies !

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